I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


14. Twitter,Nandos and fans


Me and Louis left my flat and walked next door to be greeted by an angry looking Ashley, i gave her a smug grin and carried on into the kitchen where the boys were sat at the breakfast bar, i crept up behind Niall and shouted in his ear,

"I JUST STEPPED ON YOUR CAKE!", Nialls eye's shot to me and he looked devastated before putting his head in his hands, everyone cracked up laughing, i plonked myself down next to Zayn and watched has he went on his phone,

"Do you have twitter toni?" Liam asked, i shook my head

"No, i wasn't allowed one, what's so great about it?", Zayn looked at me with his mouth dropped open,

"Whats so great about it? its amazayn, AMA-ZAYN get it?" He giggled to himself, we just gave him strange looks,

"I will help you make one if you want?" Louis said whilst he picked at the grapes that lay on the counter,

"Sure! Harry should be back in a minute, i fancy some Nando's!", We all whooped before we spotted Ashley standing in the doorway, full blown evils coming my way,

"Look at you, tagging along, they dont even like you" She snorted,

"Actually Ash, your the one we don't like, why are you here again?" Zayn stated,

"Because i'm Harrys girlfriend and we are in love", i tried to not laugh but the noise Louis made in reply to her was too funny,

"Are you sure about that?" Niall asked, his mouth full of crisps,

"Yes, who wouldn't be, i mean, any girl who's pretty deserves to be loved, its a shame you got Antonia here who is going to be forever alone" She smirked, the boys shouted at her, she grunted and stormed off,


Harry finally appeared after about twenty minutes, his eyes were red and puffy which made us all confused, he blamed it on the dust in the carpets, but even i could see he was crying about something. We all decided to go to Nandos, Ashley declining because she didn't want to be seen with me, noone complained and we headed out to the six seater taxi we ordered.


We all arrived at Nandos, they made me wear sunglasses as they didn't want people knowing about me yet as i could end up getting hate, i really didn't mind but they insisted. As we walked through the crowds of screaming girls and the paparazzi who kept asking who i was, i heard a girl shouting

'WHO'S THE BITCH', I turnt around to see a girl of about my age giving me daggers, other girls were screaming for them but a few wanted to know who i was, Harry grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the restaurant. We got are seats and i sat in between Lou and Harry, Niall demanded he choose my first ever meal at Nandos which i accepted he do.

As we waited for my food Harry seemed distant, everyone else was talking about some form of subject, i answered to them when they asked me something but then i would pull my attention back to Harry,

"Haz, whats the matter?", He turnt to me and gave me a small smile,

"Nothing, don't worry toni", I nodded my head and turnt my face to the table which lay my food,

"I can't believe you were a nandos virgin toni!"

"Well they don't have one in Paris, Dad wouldn't probably even let me eat there" I replied with a mouth full of chips,

"You wouldn't believe she was worth that much money would ya?" Louis winked, i chuckled and finished off my food,


We walked down through Primrose hill shops, we hadn't bumped into anyone just yet which was good because i wasn't really ready to be shown and thrown into a bunch of lies and hate. We walked past the windows, i noticed something out the corner of my eye, i gasped,

"What is it Toni?"

"Are you okay?"

I ignored their questions as i eyed the item in the shop window, i focused on the detail, memorys flooding back to something surrounding this specific piece. I remember it, every little bit.


I lay on the grass in the garden outside are house in London, it was 2006, spring. I took in the unusual heat for London, letting the rays hit my skin, i sprawled myself across the green strands of nature, holding a daisy chain inbetween my fingers.

"Antonia darling, where are you?" I fluttered my eyelashes open in response, shutting them back up a few seconds later.

"There you are" I open my eyes again too see a figure standing above me, a beautiful figure to be exact. Her Dark brown ringlets framing her defined cheekbones, her emerald eyes reflecting the sun, her perfect grin that matched her everything. I smiled at her and watched as she placed herself down next to me.

"Hello mum" I said in mid grin.

"Darling, i bought you something", i turnt to face her on my side,

"And what would that be, you know how i hate people buying me things" She laughed in response before sighing,

"Antonia, i-i just wanted to give you something, i wanted to give you something that means the world to me, which would mean the world to me for you to have, it was my mothers" I watched her as she pulled a small blue velvet string bag out from behind her, she handed me it. I felt the soft bag, it was quite light.

"What is it mum?" I questioned, she nodded for me to open it. I opened the bag and poured the contents of it out on to my palm, i trailed along the beautiful item, a bronze chain that held a tiny locket at them end, a breathtaking ruby covering the front. Tears began to drown my eyes as i opened it up to find a small piece of paper and a picture of my mum and me inserted, i read the writing,

'your worth more then a ruby, more then the world and more than the universe'

"Mu-mum it's beautiful" i choked

"Not as beautiful as you, my mother was bought it by my father, there was only a few of them made"




That locket was my everything, up to two years ago when i was mugged of it, walking through paris alone, being pinned up to a wall, it snatched from my neck.From that day on i haven't felt complete, it was the thing that kept me going and the thing that made me feel like she was still with me.

I turnt my attention back to the car that was parked behind some buildings, me and the boys got in and i sunk back in the chair, letting myself drift off into a think.


I awoke to someone carrying me, i looked up to see i was in Zayns arms, he saw that i was awake and kissed me on my forehead before placing me down in my bed, pushing the covers over me before turning out the light,

"Zayn, will you stay with me?" I asked in a soft voice,

"Sure, you wanna talk?" He replied whilst getting under the covers with me,

I nodded and quickly sat up, reaching into the bedside cabinet and pulling out a torch. I quickly lay back down before pulling the covers over me and Zayn and switching the torch light on so we could see eachother.

"I'm sorry, its just me and my mum used to do this when dad was away on buisness, we used to lay talking about everything" I choked out,

"Hey, it's okay you know. What happened back there with the shop window?"




I listened to every word she said, her voice full of pride when she referred to her mother, easily telling that her mum was her world. It was tragic about the locket, me and the boys knew she was really broken, but i never knew the reason why. A few days ago we didn't even know she existed, a few days ago are lives were never complete. Sure we had the best life, but never did we think that someone would come into are lives and change them.

I watched as she drifted off into a sleep, her long eye lashes dropped over the dark eyes. I slowly got out of the bed before kissing her on the head and slipping out of the door.








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