I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


4. Thank you, Planes and Big shot singers



I stepped out of the car, i scanned over the airport and looked around taking the the view of France for one last time, today was the day i would be arriving in London, Today was the day that i would have a new life. My dad had said his goodbyes to me earlier this morning and promised to come and visit me in a few months, this upset me quite a bit but i was pretty used to it by now and to be honest i was alright with florence seeing me off. The driver slammed the boot of the dimmed out window car and put my suitcases onto the trolly florence was pushing, i offered to push it but florence being the mum type figure scolded me as she does, which made me laugh.

We entered the airport, i gave my tickets to the lady at the desk and she gestured me towards the first class departure lounge, i was glad i could talk french as i wouldn't of had a clue what she was saying. I turnt to florence, tears brimming both are eyes, she pulled me into one of her warm hugs, probably the last time for a while, i would miss her. We told eachother that this wouldn't be goodbye it would be a see you later, she promised to call me whenever she could. I wheeled my carry on towards the first class lounge, begging myself not to look back, but i couldn't do it. I dropped my stuff to the floor and ran back to her, hugging her again.

"Thank you so much for everything Florence, i love you"

"No thank you, thank you for being the daughter i never had, i know i can never replace your mum but these past years have been the best of my life, watching you grow up into a wonderul,brave,glorious girl. I am so proud of you, i love you too" I sobbed into her shoulder, the lady on the microphone started to talk

'Flight to London, England will be departing in ten minutes'

I nodded at Florence and walked towards the lounge, i turnt back again and said to her "I know you love my dad, i give you my permission" She nodded at me and watched as i went through the barrier, the start to my life.


I have been on this plane for five minutes and i could always say that one thing i do love of having money is the first class, its so quiet and relaxing, the flight is about one and a half hours, which gives me enough time to dress in any clothes i want, i had to wear my 'smart' clothes as we were out in public in Paris. I plugged in my headphones and scanned through my ipod looking for a song to fit my mood, i finally came across one that fit it perfectly.


After about ten minutes i decided i would get dressed and make myself look like a 'london girl', i sipped a bit of my drink and stood up carrying my hand luggage into the bathroom. I placed the luggage onto the shut down toilet lid and zipped it open, i pulled out the outfit i chose out and began removing my clothes. I put on my black skinny jeans, oversized jumper and Dr martens before pulling my hair out of updo and letting it fall, i applied some red lipstick on my plump lips which made my Grey eyes stand out.

I fiddled with my stuff as i tidied it all away, i spritzed some of my Chanel perfume on my wrists, rubbing it gently into my neck before chucking it into my small suitcase, i was just about to zip it up before i heard a small knock on the door, i hurried myself up and quickly checked myself in the small lit up mirror before turning to open the door, i placed my hand on on the knob and unlocked it, i opened the toilet door to find someone very familiar, i couldn't place my finger on who it was, i took in his features.

Brown hair pulled into a flick, blue and green tinted eyes, denim jacket, striped shirt and a small smirk playing on his lips, oh yeah.

Louis Tomlinson.


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