I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


23. sorry


I was startled awake by a loud voice, i grunted, pushing my head back into my pillow. Memories of last night, bouncing back and forth inside my fuzzled head. I didn't know how i felt, i had regret,anger,shame,self-pity,love, the list was endless and i didn't know how to go about it. Antonia, i had left her, alone, crying and hurt, all of the things i had never wanted to do to her. She made me so angry, but i could see where she was coming from, I had no right of going through her journal a few weeks back, but she took it all out of proportion.I was distracted by the voice that kept getting closer and closer,

"HARRY STYLES, IF YOU DO NOT GET OUT OF THAT BED NOW THEN I WILL DO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU REGRET SLEEPING IN LATE" Louis shouted, i looked up as he burst through the door, a bowl of cereal in hand, he placed it down on the chest of drawers before jumping onto the empty side of my bed,

"Morning Lou" I chimed, trying to put on a happy face, which worked,

"Morning to you too Styles, we have rehearsals in a bit!" He squealed, i groaned before standing up off of my bed, walking into my en-suite bathroom,


I made my way into the kitchen, the boys were stood waiting near the front door. I quickly grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, before following them out, as i passed Antonias door i had an urge to knock on it, coming face to face with her wonderful self. But i resisted and got into the car with a hyperactive bunch, keeping a brave face on for the hurt i felt. I listened as Louis and Liam had a eye-spy war, for some reason every noise was starting to get on my nerves, from Nialls crunching, to Pauls breathing and not to mention the sound of zayns fingers clicking on his keypad of his phone. I pushed my head in my hands, trying to block out the sounds,

"Haz, are you alright?" Zayn asked, i looked up to see a concerned four boys, looks of worry on their faces. I groaned before hitting my head on the back of the chair,

"No, not really" I replied, i really wasn't okay. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

"Why? did your date with Toni not go okay?" Liam questioned, i nodded my head from side to side,

"What! Why?" Niall asked, a mouth full of dry cheerios, i sighed before going into detail of the previous night,



As Harry explained all of the night befores encounters I had to restrain myself from hitting him where the sun don't shine right there and then. He knew how vunerable she was! We didn't even know if she arrived home, all of us sat, scolding Harry. I felt for them both to be honest, i mean Harry shouldn't of gone through her private things, but Antonia should of heard him out.

"Okay Haz, we have an two hour rehearsal, we will then go straight back home after ok?" Liam requested, being the daddy he is, harry shook his head in agreement before getting out of the car,



Three hours later we were in the car on are way back, they had kept us an hour longer due to a few hiccups with things and also because of the amount of girls swarmed outside of the building we were rehearsing in. After signing phones, taking pictures and talking with a few we were nearly back. I sat in my seat, tapping my foot against the ground, i was getting impatient at how slow time was going. As we pulled up to the outside of ours, i quickly got out, the boys following behind me. As i reached her front door i gently knocked on it, no answer. I knocked a bit louder, no answer,

"Antonia please open the door!" I yelled, i knocked several times. Walking away from the door i gave up, before i heard a noise.




Ever since last night i haven't stopped crying or slept. I have just layed in my bed, playing my One Direction playlist over and over again. The tears starting to hurt my eyes, my nose starting to go raw from the amount of times i have blew it from crying to hard. I haven't heard a word from anyone, well Harry at least. After last night all i have done is think,cry and hurt. As moments came on, on my ipod i heard a banging at my door, ignoring it i shut my eyes. The banging and shouting continued, still ignoring it i carefully stood up out of my bed, stepping into my kitchen to get a glass of water, the knocking stopped. I sighed a breath of relief before moving myself over to my sofa, placing my drink down in the process, when there was a large bang, my eyes shot to who was in front of me, guilt washing over both of are faces,

"I never meant the words i said last night, the only words i did mean was that i love you" He whispered, his eyes soft,i breathed out before sitting down on the couch, my hands together in my lap,

"Me neither, i'm sorry, I love you too. I should have listened, its just that i'm not used to people putting pity on me" I sniffled out, i looked to my neck at the locket that was placed around it, Harry too, his face turnt into a small smile,

"You liked the locket then?" He asked, hopefulness in his voice, i nodded my head

"Of course i do, that was probably the most sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me, but did you see the price?" I asked, he sent me a smirk before placing his well definied body down next to me,

"I don't care how much it was, if i could, i would buy you the world" My heart melted at his words, i was just about to lean in to kiss him when we were interrupted by a swarm of people, me and Harry looked up to see Louis,Eleanor,Danielle,Liam,Zayn and Niall stood there, smiles on there faces,

"Awww you guys are so cute!" Louis and Eleanor both said, a more of a fangirl moment. I let out a chuckle before giving Harry a quick peck on the cheek,

"well we would all love to stay and chat! but us boys have to get to an interview! Its airing at six!" Liam chimed, before giving Danielle a quick hug and walking out, i turnt to Harry who looked extremely happy,

"And why are you so happy?" I questioned him,eyebrow raised,

"Because i have you" He said before kissing my temple and following everyone else out,


Me,El and Danielle decided to go out into oxford street for the rest of the day, i had just had one of the most relaxing showers, all that was left to do now was put on some clothes. I walked out across the hallway to my dressing room, El and Dani were both going through my wardrobes, picking out an outfit for me, i watched as they got worked up on finding the perfect one,

"Need any help?" I laughed,

"No no no! We have to get you looking good! Who knows who we may bump into!" Dani explained,

"Your saying i don't look good?" I fake pouted, they both looked at me shocked,

"Your bleddy beautiful women! It's just you need to be looking in tip top shape! Your know as an heiress!" Eleanor reminded me, i sighed before sitting down on the make-up stool, chuckling to myself,


I examined myself in the full length mirror, wow, was all i could think. They had both done a marvelous job, they had picked out a pair of my high waisted light wash jeans, my alice and olivia chiffon top,nude t-bar wedges, a pair of my mums old vintage chanel earrings, a diamond encrusted mint chrysoprase ring and a floral detailed ruffled jacket thrown over the top. They wanted me to go more girly then my prefered fashion, i felt just like i was back in Paris again.


We finally arrived back from a few hours of shopping, to be truthful we didn't get much done. Lets just say that the next time i want to go, i will wear sunglasses. It got so bad that they had to shut topshop so we could just have a bit of peace and get the things we wanted. I met a few lovely girls who had made me and the girls some bracelets, in return me, Danielle and El treated them all to a milkshake and a t-shirt of their choice from River Island, it was nice knowing people cared about and supported you.

"So the boys aren't back till late as they are having a few drinks with friends! so pizza?" Danielle asked,

"Yes! although can i have a portion of cookie dough and some cheescake instead?" I asked, puppy dog eyes and all,

"Of course you little sweet toothed princess" El excepted before going to get the house phone, i walked into my wardrobe, pulling on some sweatpants and a oversized t-shirt.


We all sat in front of the tv, awaiting of the arrival of the pizza man. The boys interview would be starting soon, i was pretty excited as i hadn't watched any interviews featuring my 5 best boys in. I pulled out my phone before pulling El and Dani into a huddle so we could take a picture, Eleanor pulled a cheesy grin, Danielle went with a pout and i decided on a 'come at me, i'm legal face' which caused us all to hold are stomachs with laughter. The door bell rang, which Dani ran to in a fast mode, i pulled up twitter before composing a new tweet,

@HeyThereDelilah: Just chilling with my two fave girls @EleanorJCalder & @DaniellePeazer missing are boys though @onedirection #sad but never you worry as we have pizza,cake and a interview to watch! #lazybums

I attached the photo, before scanning through recent tweets. A few minutes later i had some mentions, i smiled at what had been wrote,

@TomStyPayHorMal @HeyThereDelilah oh my god! you are so cute! please get with hazza soon #hope

@Malikgal @HeyThereDelilah You wouldn't believe your only sixteen, too pretty, fancy giving me some beauty? :)


@Louis_Tomlinson @HeyThereDelilah Niall says save him some food, oh and watch the interview! we are on in 5 minutesssss! its important :P

I giggled to myself before following a few people, i quickly placed my phone down next to me before digging into my desserts, out of the corner of my eye i saw El and Dani watching me, shocked expressions plastered on their faces,

"What?" I said with a mouth full of sticky dough,

"Where do you put it all girl? I mean, you eat loads! And your a stick!" Danielle commented, i shrugged my shoulders,

"Fast metabolism" I replied,

"More like dark pit of a stomach, lucky girl" El said before we turnt back to the tv, the starting credits begun before we saw five familiar lads appear on the screen,

'Good evening Britain! Today with us we have five exceptionally talented males who have agreed to tell us everything from their future to their shoe size! Its OneDirection!'The mature looking lady stated,

'So here you are, nearly three years into the fame, the fortune, the life and the world, how has it come about? how do you feel?'

'Well to be honest, we get through it all with eachother, whenever we are homesick or down we always get over it because we know that all of us are on the same boat' Liam replied, Danielle 'awwed' at the screen before shoving another piece of pizza in her mouth,

'Thats brilliant! Stick together and you can get through anything! So we have people here who cannot seem to get enough attention from the fans and even older ladies?"She went on, her eyes focused on Harry, i noticed how she stuck her chest out, the slut.

'Sure, i mean we love our fans. The older ladies can get quite fiesty too, i mean this one time i was in A&E at about 2am and my mum was with me, i had a lady of about 50 telling me she loved me and that she dreamed about me. Lets just say that i didn't get to see the doctor because i was already out of the door, my mum trailing behind me' Harry explained, the crowd filled with laughter, i couldn't help but let out a giggle,


There was only five minutes left till the interview was finished, the pizza had gone, we were all layed on the sofa, bellys hanging out from the bloated feeling we had. We had just seen Niall do his Irish dancing, Liam doing his best pick up line,Louis explaining the carrot problem, Zayn looking into a mirror without blinking and Harry telling us about his most funniest performance, which was apparently any one where they change the song lyrics, i would have to check that one up later.

'So we have one last thing to ask you all, you probably get this in every interview, but we want to put the fans to peace. Which ones are dating?'The lady blurted, shit,i thought to myself, were me and Harry dating? I mean we never got round to it after are arguement, oh god.


'Yeah i'm still with Danielle' He said with adoring eyes


'Been single for a few months' He replied,


'Still looking for my princess' The crowd awwed at that, me and the girls too,


'Still with my girl' He boasted,

'Harry?' This was it, we weren't together, everyone will think he is single and

'I'm in a relationship' What? I shouted out, Eleanor and Danielle both looked as confused as me, before focusing on the tv,

'Really?When did this come about?' The lady questioned, shocked,

'Not long, but long enough to know that she is all i want for the rest of my life'

My heart started beating loudly, my hands shaking, my breathing becoming uneven, the crowd started to chant something, as i let myself listen closely i understood what was being said,

'So the crowd are chanting 'Antonia' is this the girl?" She pestered,bringing up a photo of me and Harry when we were at Mcdonalds,his face grew into a smile, my heart was close to leaping out of my chest,

'Yes, shes the one' He admitted,

Me,Danielle and El all stood up, bringing eachother to a hug, screaming with joy, right now from this moment, i could never be happier

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