I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


10. sick at first sight



 'so glad to be back'

 'Hm, doesn't make me happy you got your flipping friends staying'

 'Don't talk about them like that ash'

 'whatever, wait who is that in between them? they have a slut laying on the sofa with them!'

 'i highly doubt that seeing Liam is there, he doesn't drink'

 'Yeah right, she looks a slut'

 'you can't even see her except for her hair'

 'still a slut'

I let my eyes drop open, stood in front of me was Harry and Ashley, why was she such a bitch? I don't even know why Haz is with her to be honest. I coughed and sat up, they both noticed me and quitened down, i wrapped the duvet back over toni and the boys and stood up and stretched.

"Morning Liam! sleep well?" Has asked winking,gesturing towards Toni.

"Actually i think we all did, we had a pretty big night" I said with a smile on my face, i heard Ashley grunt and my head snapped to her,

"Problem Ashley?" I said with a harsh tone,

"Yeah i do actually, first of all why have you got a slag staying over,second of all i'm going to bed" She stormed out of the living room and headed for the stairs, me and Harry just stood there shuffling are feet.

"So who's the chick?" Harry asked in a cheeky tone,

"Oh thats Antonia, we met her on the plane coming back from France, shes amazing" I said with a big grin, she truly was an amazing girl, i could seriously see her,Danielle and Eleanor being friends.

Before Harry could reply we heard a slight mumble, we looked on the pulled out sofa to see Niall and Louis awake,

"Hungover?" I raised my eyebrow at them, they both chuckled and turnt there head to Harry who was stood like a lemon.

"Oh hey hazza! Wheres the bitch troll?" Louis sniggered.

"Hey Lou, shes went to bed,not very happy" Haz replied with a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Niall turnt to Toni who was still sleeping, he signalled for Harry to come over, Harry walked over and sat behind Niall,

"Shes beautiful isn't she?" Niall said as he pushed her hair out of her face,

"I can't tell, she has her eyes shut, but yeah shes alright" Me,Niall and Louis and Zayn who woke up rather quickly darted are head to Harry,

"ALRIGHT?" We all shouted in unison



 I was pretty pissed off when i came through the door with Ash, she was one of the reasons but the other reason was that they had made a new friend without me. When they asked if i thought she was beautiful i wanted to say yes, the minute i layed eyes on her sleeping face i was utterly mesmorized, but that wasn't me, i never spoke like that. They all spoke about her like she was gods gift, i mean how can someone have an effect on boys like that? I would have to see it for myself,

"Guys, can you tell me how you met her?" i asked.

I sat there as they all told me about her, from how her dad was a billionare to what she laughed like, i was quite looking forward to when she woke up. All the guys went to get showers, i decided i would get breakfast ready as i was hungover too and hadn't eaten since early hours of this morning, it was now 11am. I pulled out all the ingredients for a proper english breakfast and put some oil in a pan, put some sausages under the grill and some bacon in a separate frying pan. I was about to crack an egg when i heard a slight cough, i turnt the heat down and made my way into the living room, she was sat up, hand over her mouth, i could see what was coming next.

She covered her mouth again and ran towards the downstairs bathroom, i heard her urge and followed her, she was on the floor and head over the toilet. I walked over to her and to her mane of dark brown into my hands as she puked up last nights contents, i rubbed her back waiting for her to finish.



I woke with a sudden feeling in my stomach, my hands were clammy and my body was shaky. A cold sweat took over my body, i sat up quickly, i could feel the acid in my stomach churning away, i placed a hand over my mouth, trying to ride out the feeling. I sat there but could feel myself about to be sick, i quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, i let myself be sick, the taste was horrid and it wouldn't stop coming up. As i was sick again i felt someone take my hair in their hands, they rubbed my back as i got every bit of last night out of my system. My stomach settled down and i let myself breathe, a hand passed me some toilet roll, i wiped my mouth, they pulled the flush. Last night was such a blur, i remember dancing,singing,the hot tub and thats about it.

I dropped myself against the bathroom wall and studied the person who kneeled before me, those gorgeous green orbs, that perfect mouth, hair that looked flawless without even trying and a body to die for. He was the most beautiful creature i had ever layed eyes on,mesmorizing.

"You okay?" He spoke in his raspy tone, I gave a small smile and put my head in my arms, why did he have to see me in this state,

"Uh yeah,thank you" I replied, but it came out more of a mumble.

"Why are you hiding from me" A hint of playfullness in his voice,

"Because i look a state and my breath stinks of sick" I choked out, still not looking at him.

"A beautiful state, come here" He whispered and pulled my head out my arms, i felt a blush creep on my face, he gave me a smile as Louis walked in,

"Thank god! i thought you had been kidnapped by the wicked witch of north London!" Harry cracked up laughing, i raised my eyebrow at both of them, cocking my head to one side

"Wicked witch of the what?" I asked amused,

"Oh Harrys girlfriend, shes horrid and what she said about" Harry slammed his hand over Louis mouth and have him a look,

I gave them a confused smile as they both helped me up, i felt much better, i stalked my way out to the kitchen and saw the food placed on the table,

"Oh cheers lou, you finished cooking!" Harry said with excitement.

"No problem"









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