I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


11. Sex noises


 We all sat around the table as Harry served us the food, it smelt really good, my mouth was watering at the sight. I've still yet to meet Ashley who apparently is a 'bitch troll from hell'. Harry seems to not be too bothered about her which i found really funny. I have broken all the rules in the last twenty four hours, well not all of them. As Harry placed my food in front of me i couldn't help but notice that he gave me more then everyone else, not that i was complaining.

"Hazzzz! you gave her more then me!" Niall wined, Harry just shrugged his shoulders and sat down in the seat next to me, everyone started digging in, i cut up the fried bread Harry made and as it touched my tounge my taste buds went wild, i let out a moan that caught everyones attention,

"What was that?"

"Did she just make a sex noise?"

 I choked on the piece of bread as they stared at me, mouth open. I giggled and went back to my food, everyone was caught up in conversation about there next interview and i just sat there finishing off the big plate of food, as i took my last bite everyone turnt back to me, shocked and amused.

"What? That was probably the best bit of grub i've ate" Liam gasped,

"Thats a compliment Haz and Lou, shes probably ate at restaurants that charge you like a billion pound for a starter and she said that was the best" Liam stated, they all laughed as i sipped my tea. I got up and started collecting the plates, a thought popped to my mind,

"Guys, i've just been thinking, in the past 24 hours i have done more for myself then in my whole lifetime" i stated.

"Feels good? But still we should be cleaning up,not you" I shrugged my shoulders and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

I sat back down at the table, leaning my head on my hand, tracing everyones movements, my eyes shot to Harry who was deep in conversation with Zayn about cars, Harry looked at me out the corner of his eye and stared at me, a blush crept on my face and i quickly stood up which made the boys jump.

"Right i'm going into my own place now, i've spent more time in here then my own place, cheers for the breakfast boys!" they all whined begging me to stay,


"I will just go shower and get dressed then i will be back, i fancy beating all your asses at fifa again" I said winking, Harry  burst out laughing,

"She beat you all? Oh my god hahaha!" I shot Harry a playful death glare and he hushed down,

"I wouldn't go there Styles, i'm gonna beat you too!" i laughed and carried on walking to the front door, i heard footsteps behind me and noticed Harry,

"What you want Styles?" I asked with my hand on my hip,

"I wanna come with you" He said in a childish tone


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