I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


20. returned


Antonia and Harry lay on the floor, wrapped in her warm duvet, the heat of one another making them sleep that bit more comfortable. They lay face to face, his arm swooped around her frame, her hand on his chest. Each of their heartbeats moving in sync, their breathing slow, sleeping so peacefully they wouldn't here the voices that circle them. The boys and Eleanor had decided to come back a bit earlier, as they walked through Antonias door, using the spare key to let themselves in, they stopped dead in their tracks. Gasps coming from each and every one of them, some louder then others,

'I knew it! i knew this was going to happen! they are so cute!!' Eleanor loudly whispers, Louis carefully nudges her to give her a heads up not to be too loud.

Liam stands there, a smile on his face, he can't help but feel happy for both of his best friends who sleep peacefuly in one anothers arms.

'It is pretty cute' Zayn agrees, Niall too. They all stand there admiring the view of the new found romance, before quietly exiting Antonias flat, not wanting to ruin the moment they both wake up.



I listened as they left, before opening my eyes carefully to see something so beautiful in front of me. I placed my free hand over a strand of hair that sits on her face, before carefully sweeping it away. I study her face, not believing how brave we both was to tell eachother how we felt. I smile to myself, today i was going to make her mine, i was going to do it properly.



His warmth, his smell, his breathing,his touch. Every single bit attracted me to him, every single time he breathed i couldn't help but smile, smile that god put something amazing to this earth. Destined to be mine. I carefully fluttered my eyelashes, a fine face in front of me, Harry was staring back at me, a light grin spread on his mouth. I wonder if he had ever done this before, awoke and not moved out of the bed from a girl, still there. We didn't sleep together, he didn't try anything on, he just wanted to be in my presense. It made me feel respected, complete.

"Good morning" I breathed out, a small smirk plastered across my face,

"And a good morning to you too, beautiful" Harry spoke, my cheeks turnt red, but i still tried with all my strength to look him dead straight in his green eyes, not caving into my embaressment. I watched as he slowly moved in again, before planting a soft kiss on my lips,i could feel a smile tug at both are mouths.

As we pulled away, i let out a small giggle, my face not letting me rid of the ridiculous grin i wear. Harry just holds me for a little while longer, tracing circles with his finger on the palm of my hand, causing me to laugh even more. He eventually gets up, i watch him has he walks to the open kitchen, opening the fridge door, pulling out two cans of coke. He then pulls out two magnum ice creams, walking back over before placing my drink and ice cream in front of me, i raise my eyebrow before i pull the cap open on my can,

"Ice cream and cola for breakfast? I could get used to this, he laughed as he did the same,

"Well i have never done this before, but i want to, because its with you" He smiled out, i cooed inside, breathing out a breath of joy.



I cleaned up the remaining pillows that lay on her cream carpets, the TV switched to the Jeremy Kyle show in the background. Antonia was getting ready to go next door, i hadn't told her everyone was back, as i didn't want to ruin the moment, her knowing that they knew. I sat back on her sofa, flicking through a cosmopolitian magazine that contained a picture of me and the lads on the front, it felt so good having time off, but in a month or so we would be back on tour, the thought of being without her driving me mad.

I heard footsteps on the hard flooring, coming towards her living room, i looked up from the magazine, studying the figure in front of me. She wore a black vest top,blue high waisted jeans that showed off her long, perfectly shaped legs, a oversized acid wash denim jacket placed over her arms, a pair of studded boots placed on her feet. Her brown highlighted hair framed her face, sinking over her shoulders in waves, she wore nothing on her face except for a smile. Her grey eyes sparkled, causing me to have unbearable feelings in my gut, i slapped the magazine down before walking over to her and planting a kiss on her red tinted lips, as i begged for entrance she opened her mouth. I carefully moved her back to the cream coloured wall, are lips moving in sync,i dropped my hands around her waist, feeling her move her arms around my neck, we stood there like it for a few seconds before we came back up, looking into one anothers eyes, that flame burning.



Me and Harry walked hand in hand, fingers through fingers towards next door.He pulled the key out of his sweatpants before giving me a quick peck on the cheek,we heard slight muffled voices, as the key moved in the door, my heart racing, palms starting to sweat. As we opened the door we came face to face with a smiling Eleanor, before i knew it i was out of Harrys grip and jumping into open arms, pushing El to the floor.


"El!!"I shouted, we lay on the floor, holding are stomachs from laughing, she helped me up as we readjusted ourselves. She kept her eyes on me, a creepy grin on her face, i raised my eyebrow, next thing i know she is screaming,

"OH MY GOD! AHHH YOU AND HARRY, OH MY GOD ITS THE CUTEST!!" She squealed, i gave Harry a questioning look, he shrugged his shoulders before i turnt my attentions back to Eleanor,

"And how to mrs nosey know about this?" I teased,

"Well we kind of walked in on you asleep this morning" She looked to the ground, a smile playing on her face,

"Well that explains it, now where are my best boys" I joked, before walking into the living room, i stood there into they all looked up to see a smiling me,


"My baby"

"Hey girl!"

"My food pro"

They all came storming towards me, pulling me into a big hug, i looked down at my foot to see Louis attached to my ankle, pretending to whimper,

"Hey Lou? what are you doing?" I asked in mid giggle,

"I just missed my best friend" He stated before being pulled up by a grinning Eleanor, each of the boys gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking over to Harry, who was trying to get his key out of the door, struggling in the process, i looked back to El who was now pulling me through to her and Louis room,



After telling El everything we wondered back into the Living room, all of the boys were sat around, chatting, i walked up before plonking myself down on the seat next to Niall,

"Hey Niall!" I quietly shouted, nudging him with my elbow,

"Hey Toni, you look happy!" He praised,

"Yes, very happy" I agreed,

"Good" He said, a smile on his face, i gave him a quick peck on the cheek before pulling out my phone, loading up twitter, i had noticed that i had now 13k followers, i checked my mentions, before having a look at Harrys latest tweets,

'Happiness was bought by you' it read, i went onto the comments that people have wrote about it,

@1DLOVEME i wonder who this is about? @HeyThereDelilah ;)

@HazzasHair Ugh, if its about that Antonia girl then she better watch out #maneater

@Louiscarrottomlinson Aw go #Torry Give me credit, if they are a couple #cute

@Niallerandme @HeyThereDelilah is such a ugly slag, just using the boys for there fame #notrightforhim

@HarryStylesIsAmazayn oh my god! Thanks Harry, i know i make you happy ;)

I sat there, glued to my scream, not listening to anything the boys or El was saying, it quite hurt some of the things people were saying, i mean, they didn't know me. I felt tears prickle my eyes, i dropped my phone before shoving my head into my hands,

"Toni are you alright?"

"Love what is it?"


"i think she read her mentions"

I felt a pair of arms around me, cradling me as i sobbed into them, i knew it was Harry, the one who made me feel safe. As soon as the tears stopped I looked up to see everyone staring at me, sympathetic eyes. I knew what was coming, i just had to ignore what people would say, i mean Harry hadn't even asked me out officially, what was i worrying about.


It angered me at what some of the so called 'fans' were writing, some of them were older then Antonia, i mean she is only sixteen, its not right. I really care for her and i won't have anyone saying stuff that will hurt her in anyway. I would do it for anyone i cared about, but with Antonia it is different, shes like one of my sisters, i can't help but feel protective.


After Antonia had stopped crying, Harry, El and Louis popped out to get a few things. Me, Zayn,Niall and Toni sat out on the balcony that overlooked london, Zayn was taking a puff of his cigarette, Niall was strumming the strings on his guitar and me and Toni sat looking out at the daylight view. I turnt to face her, she was concentrating, concentrating on something, anything but her thoughts,

"You know, El and Dani went through the same thing, they still do, but when you really want to be with that one person you go through anything, fight, to be with them" I said, i watched as she turned to face me, her once down face, turnt into a small smile.

"I just suppose i am used to people being nice to me, but then i am used to people being jealous of me too. I mean, growing up i had everything, had the family, the money, the lifestyle. But never the boy. My mum used to say to me 'if no boy that matches up, comes along and makes your heart beat out your chest, then he wasn't the one, but when that boy does come along, snatch his heart too, stick to him like glue' I never used to know what that meant, until i met Harry, the meaning behind it is that when you meet the one, don't push him away, stick with him through everything" She quoted, i had goosebumps from that perfect quote, her mum sounded like the perfect mum.

"Your mum sounds like she truly meant every word she spoke to you, you speak of her like she was the greatest person alive, its lovely" I blurted out, her pale face turnt into a huge grin, thoughts probably going back to when she was alive.

I looked over to Niall and Zayn who had both stopped what they were doing, listening to are conversation, focusing on each of us, sad looks on their faces. Antonia noticed, she then grabbed Nialls guitar, he watched as she set it on her knee, starting to strum a familiar song,


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