I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


9. Not going anywhere


I watched in shock at the man who had her pinned to the wall, she was struggling under his grip, he was tugging at her shorts and shirt. I quickly shouted the boys who turnt to me confused, i signalled to what was happening and we all stormed through the forming dancefloor, people were getting in the way and it was getting even harder to get to her.



Everything was going fast, one minute i was on the dancefloor dancing for my life, the next i had a slimey man all over me. I couldn't get him off, i was too drunk and too vunerable. He pulled me along with him until i was pushed against a hard wall, he started to press all of his hands over me,tugging at my shorts. I tried to scream but it was no use, the music was too loud.He started to cling at my shirt, biting at my neck, i felt the urge to hit him in the balls but before i could retaliate i felt a big wash of air cover me, i opened my eyes. Liam and Zayn had him by the throat pushed up on the wall next to me, I looked in front of me and Louis and Niall pulled me into a hug, we watched as Zayn punched the man in the face and Liam chucked him to the floor.

"Come on toni! lets get out of here!" I nodded as Louis pulled me out with the boys following behind, i was being pushed through crowds of people, i quickly stole a mans hat putting it on my head giggling to myself.

As we reached the fresh air i breathed a giggle out, we were all stumbling except Liam who was to busy carrying Niall on his back. We all rocked back and forth as we ran down the road singing and dancing to god knows what. It was pitch black with just the street lights to guide us, as we got further away from the club we came across a spar shop,

"LIAMMMM, can we get some drinkkk" Sang me and Zayn as we stood a few doors down from the spar.

"What you guys want!?" Me,Louis,Niall and Zayn started happy dancing and laughing.

Liam laughed and entered the spar, we waited outside, Niall was leaning on a wall trying to hold himself up, i was leaning on Louis who was leaning on Zayn.



We arrived back at the boys place, we decided to take are party back to theirs. We stumbled through the door and fell on the sofa and floor, i layed on my back, giggling as Liam got out the glasses for are drink. Zayn walked over to the ipod dock and put on some music, not too loud but loud enough.



I'm so flipping drunk,if El was here she would be telling me off or be in the same state, shes gonna really like antonia. Me and the guys danced around with eachother, drinking are three pound cider, yuck i haven't drunk this stuff since secondary school. It's weird how things change in a matter of seconds, one minute you don't know anyone but who you have got and the next someone new comes into your life and they are there forever.

'shine bright like a diamond,shine bright like a diamond' Niall was stood on the table 'sexy dancing' but with an irish twist, we had Zayn filming it, liam was taking photo's and toni was on the floor laughing. I'm glad we met her!

"OH MY GOD! YOU'VE GOT A HOT TUB!!" toni shouted whilst jumping up and down

"Yeah babe! You wanna go in?" Zayn replied

"Yeah come on lets go in!" Niall said whilst stumbling over to it.


In a matter of seconds everyone was in the hottub singing, Niall and Toni decided they wanted to wear there clothes in whilst me,Zayn and Liam stripped into are boxers. By the time we all got out it was about 4am and everyone except Liam was drunk, Toni being the worst. We pulled out the sofa so it made a big type of bed and all layed out on it, we lay talking.

"I've had the best night ever!" Shouts Niall, we all laugh at his enthusiastic voice.

"ugh ey had best nyt evuh" Zayn grumbles before passing out to a snoring wreck.




The room is spinning as we lay talking, it feels weird not being able to control your actions.

"Guys, i have had the best day/night ever you know, i really love you lot. when i was living in France i had friends yeah, but not like you lot, you all make me feel so welcome, i don't remember the last time i smiled like this. I'm not saying this because i'm drunk but people like you don't come very often, i don't want to ever lose you lot" Tears brimmed my eyes, my feelings were all over the shot. Next thing i know i am being pulled into a hug by Lou and Liam,

"We love you too beautiful, go to sleep, we are not going anywhere" They whispered before they both kiss my forehead, i let the darkness overcome me, slipping into a peaceful dose of sleep.






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