I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


8. Nightclubs



 "you look amazing"


 "Defo fitter then Eleanor"


I blushed as the boys all complimented me, i had to admit i looked good, i wasn't dressed in your usual clubwear, i was wearing denim shorts, a black bralet, a checkered shirt and my jeffery campbell litas. My hair was poker straight and i had applied eyeshadow giving me a 'smokey eye' and my red lipstick. I wasn't really one for dresses, i loved heels, but it had to be specific pair. I prounced around their living room getting used to the height of the heels as they watched on laughing at me losing balance.


"So which club we off to?" I asked in a overly sweet voice,

"Oh i think we should go to that new one i think its called 'grinders'" I laughed at the name,

"is this a good idea? i mean shes only sixteen!"

"Liam calm down! she has all of us to keep an eye on her, it will be fun! see it as a welcome party!" Zayn stated.



We all got out of the taxi and went to the back of the club, a bodyguard was waiting there and watched as we stumbled to the back entrance, he kept his eyes on me as we walked up to him.




We walked up to the bodyguard who had agreed to let us in the back entrance, i couldn't help but notice he had his eyes on Antonia the whole time. This annoyed me and from Louis face it annoyed him too. The bodyguard let us through as me and Niall placed are arms around Antonia, guarding her away from him. As we entered the club the music got louder, we all walked to the bar and placed ourselves down on the stools, i ordered the first round of drinks, i gave Antonia her bottle of beer.

Liam can be fun even though he doesn't drink,he still joins in but just doesn't drink anything with alcohol. We all made are way to the dance floor after a few more rounds, we all stood around Ant as she danced along to the music, her eyes closed as she took in everything. She was seriously amazing, yeah she was beautiful but i wouldn't go there, she seemed vunerable and i wanted to just look out for her and not mess are friendship up, i had Perrie anyway.




I am starting to feel the drink, i'm so glad we came out. Antonia is such a lovely girl, i like how she has known us a day and it feels like we have known her a lifetime. I kept my eyes on her as she went up to the bar, Louis was behind her, i could see how all of us was protective of her, there was something about the way she moved,breathed,talked that made us want to be there for her. I started dancing with a girl, she looked about twenty-five, she was pretty but not as pretty as Antonia, i could maybe see me and ant being an item one day, maybe.




I walked up to the bar with Ant, she is already pretty out of it. She fluttered her long eyelashes at me, wanting another drink. She asked for a pint and i got one too, i couldn't help but notice how nearly every man was looking at her, the clothes she was wearing were not too revealing, but everything about her attracted you. In my case i looked upon her like a little sister, but to others they just wanted her bad.



I swayed to the music as Louis ordered my beer, Liam and Zayn were dancing like lunatics and i let out a loud giggle, Lou turnt back to me and passed me my drink, truth is i have only been drunk about five times. I grabbed the pint and bought it to my mouth, i let the cold,frothy liquid run down my throat in a matter of seconds it was all gone, Lou,Niall and Liam were gaping at me, shocked.

"Guys it-its onl-only a pint!" I took one of Nialls shots and downed it before walking to the middle of the dance floor, i let the sweat drip down my face as the other bodies pushed against mine, i let the drink take over. 



God that girl can drink!  We watched her as she downed the pint and shot and waltzed back onto the dance floor, we turnt back around and ordered a few drinks, mine unalcoholic of course. A few minutes later they were here and i turnt back around, eying the dancefloor for ant, i saw Zayn walking out but no her. I was starting to worry, out the corner of my eye i saw a red checkered shirt, i shot my head around to see some bloke with a girl, it was her, shit. 



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