I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


7. Neighbours become good friends


 I arrived in the Taxi outside my new place, it looked posh as i walked up to the entrance. I pulled out the key i had and unlocked the door, as i walked up the stairs i noticed there were only three doors, i saw my door number and unlocked the door. This place was magnificent, dad had it decorated to my taste. The front room was decorated with purples,blacks and browns, the bathroom held a bathtub planted in the middle of the room, he knew how i loved those vintage ones. I wondered into a room and gasped when i saw the contents, dad had turnt a bedroom into a wardrobe/dress room, it was all done in pastel colours. I eventually got to my room and almost cried at how he tried to make it as identical as my one back in France, i loved it.


I finally finished up unpacking and decided i needed some food, i searched in the fridge and saw that everything had been stocked up on, there was fresh milk,eggs,bread and so on. As i reached for a can of coke i heard my phone buzz, quickly opened the can and too a swig before placing it back on the counter and running for my phone. As i held my phone in hand about to read the text i heard laughing and singing, i rolled my eyes at my noisy neighbours and carried on reading the texts,

I giggled at Louis name before opening the text.

From Lou-Lou-Poo: Hey Antonia Toenail :D You fancy meeting us now? Xxx


To Lou-Lou-Poo: Hey hey galfriend! And yes i will in a minute, i need to sort out my noisy neighbours! And get dressed :) xxx


I carried on through my over texts

From Niall: Hello my food friend, you coming over ares? We miss you already!!!xxx

Aww Nialls too cute!

To Niall: Hello my little irishman. I miss you lot too :( And yes, yes i am! I'm just gonna sort my noisy neighbours out :P xxx

I put my phone down and went back into the kitchen to get my Coke, hmm what should i say to the neighbours?  As i spent time thinking of something to say my phone rang again, rushed back into the living room, Liam calling,

'Hey Liam!'

'Hey Tony! When you coming over?'

'I need to get dressed, where is it you live?'

Before he could answer i heard shouting, i couldn't tell where it was coming from either the phone or next door,

'Hey Liam, whats going on'

'Niall is running away from Louis because Niall made Lou lose on fifa'

'Really? Right text me where you live! I'm gonna sort a few things out!'

'Sure thing love, see you in a minute!'

'See you soon'


Well now i know where they live, noisy bastards



Once i got off of the phone i had to stop Louis pouring Nialls crisps down the toilet, Zayn won't come out of the shower because of all the gel antonia and Louis put in his hair and also Niall breaking the fifa disc. I chased them all around,





There was a knock at the door and all the boys turnt around to face it, thank god they are quiet, i quickly rushed to the door and opened it to find Antonia standing there smirking, how the hell did she find out where we live? i haven't sent her the address yet?



Their they all are stood,confused, i crossed my arms and lent on the doorframe,

"I wish my 'neighbours' would shut up, noisy gits!" I laughed.

"How the hell did you get here so quickly?" Niall asked.

"Well looks like i'm living right next door to you, all that time i was texting you guys complaining! It was you lot!"

"YES!" Louis shouted running at me, the other boys joined and we all ended up huddled in a group.

We eventually made are way to their living room, it was pretty tidy which i was suprised about.

"Well boys i heard fifa, wheres the disc and who is brave enough to give me a game?" They all burst out laughing, what was so funny?

"Ar-are you serious ahahahaha!"

"Antonia you funny girl!"

"Like you can beat us!"

I just glared at them and grabbed the disc and set it up, they all watched as i sorted it all out, amusement smeared all over there faces.

"I'm not kidding, right i know what!I give all four of you a game! See whos better then me!" I shouted

"Your on!"




"What the hell!"

"I swear she cheated"

"I'm gonna cry"

"Can you be my bestfriend?"


"HAHAHAHA! IN YOUR FACES BOY!" I started happy dancing as they watched on, they were all blushing with embarresement.I stood up and made me way to the front door,

"Where you going ant?" I turnt around to see the four boys watching me,

"I'm going to get dressed, we are going clubbing tonight!" I replied with enthusiasm

"Antonia your sixteen? Your not old enough" Liam said being the daddy he is.

"I'm pretty sure you lot could get me in!"












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