I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


15. Meeting my future best friend



I lay in bed, Ashley snoring. Why was i even with this girl? She isn't kind,caring,pretty or even good in the sack. She doesn't take my breath away, i didn't get those butterflies when i first met her and i don't feel the need to do everything i could to make her happy. I was in deep thoughts when my attention was snapped to the downstairs door bell, i quickly got up out of bed and out on my grey bottoms.

I waltzed down the stairs, i heard loud voices and laughing, i walked into the living room to see Louis with a girl on his lap, a sudden panic rushed through me, thinking it was her. I was quickly relieved when the girl turnt to me and it was Eleanor, i readjusted myself before going over and kissing her on the cheek,

"Hello!" She yelled before moving to the spot on the sofa,

"Hi El, good to see you" I smiled and layed back as i focused on the TV,

"So boys when am i going to meet this girl, not Ashley, the one Louis has talked non stop about, should i be worried?" Everyone cracked up, laughing

"El, baby, you think shes competition?" She nodded "No, it isn't like that. we have only known her 4 days or so, i see her more as a best friend, a sister" Louis looked at El with adoring eyes, i wasn't sure if it was ment for El or Antonia.

"What we all doing today?" I asked,

"Well let's wait for Antonia to get here, introduce her to Eleanor, Have some breakfast and then see" Liam replied,

Just as we sat talking we all saw Ashley prounce down the stairs, i could hear everyones grunts, i stiffled a laugh and watched as she walked towards us,

"Hey babe" She said as she plonked her self down on my lap, i rolled my eyes

"Hi" everyone laughed again, she just sat there

"Oh hi El, why are you here?" She asked in an annoyed tone

"Well i have every right to be here, my boyfriend and friends are here. I also very much would like to meet their friend Antonia, they have really taken to considering her family you know" She gave her a sarcastic smirk and stood up, the boys followed, leaving me alone with her


"well maybe they would treat you nice if you treated them with respect" I spoke, trying to keep my chill

"Why should i? Girls like me don't treat people like them with respect" She replied

"What? what the fuck?" I gaped at her with angry eyes,



I finished applying the last bit of red lipstick to my plump lips, checking myself in the mirror. I had decided to go for a pair of grey skinny jeans,oversized black jumper,dr marten brouges and my hair left wavy under a khaki coloured beanie. I walked out of my dress room, putting my phone into my bag and my parka coat in my arm. I slipped out of my front door, making sure to lock it behind me, as i walked the ten small steps across the corridoor to the boys place i over heard shouting,



I pulled my face into a straight line before knocking on the door a bit too loudly, i waited as i heard soft stiletto type footsteps, oh great i thought to myself thinking it must be Ashley, the wooden door opened. To my amazement stood a fashionable dressed girl, brown waves like mine, tall,slim body, all legs and a grin on her gorgeous face,

"HELLO! You must be Antonia!!! the boys told me so much about you!" She gleamed with joy, a little on the loud side but i liked it, it came to me who she was,

"Oh hi! Yes thats me! You must be Eleanor! so lovely to meet you!" I grinned back, she slipped out into the corridoor shutting the door behind her,

"Ashley and Harry are having a well known row again, you fancy going for some coffee and breakfast? Its too hectic for my liking?"

"Oh of course! haven't had girl chat for a while, what about the boys?" I replied, joy of being able to have someone to talk to

"Oh they can handle it, i will text Louis, anyway i want to spend time with my new found friend!" She giggled before grabbing my arm and leading me out towards the black car that waited, must be the boys driver.


We finally arrived in Oxford street, we decided we would get some breakfast and then go shopping, we walked in to a starbucks and ordered are drinks before sitting down on a sofa,

"So the heiress Antonia Desuza eh? You seem pretty normal to me! I thought you might be a snob or a little to obsessed with pleasing people, but from what the boys told me is that you like to have a good time!" I smiled in response whilst taking a sip of my Iced latte,

"Most people expect me to be like that, i have always wanted to be one of those familys who just have normal jobs, having to go without things or work real hard for them. My dad always had money, he doesn't understand the meaning of struggle"

"Well at least your safe and you don't have to worry! I am always here if you need to talk you know? It's great to have someone in London that live next to the boys, that is if you planning on staying forever?" She looked at me with a pleading gaze,

"OF COURSE! I love London, i have met 5 great boys and an amazing girl named Ashley" She looked at me shocked, i burst out laughing and she joined in before placing her hand on mine and smiling,


We prounced around the shops, we finally arrived in Topshop, Eleanor was going crazy, chucking clothes at me. I had never really got to pick my clothes, i mean when i was at home me and Florence would go shopping, but the clothing choice in Paris was very high end.  I decided that today i would buy a whole new wardrobe. I decided on buying plaid shirts,bralets,midi skirts,denim shirts and shorts. As we got to the checkout i pointed to El to go grab a piece of Jewellery that i liked, she passed me her basket, i watched as she ran to get it before quickly paying for her stuff as well as mine, she walked back over.

"Babe it was broken, hey wait a minute, wheres my stuff?" I gave her a smirk and passed her the bags containing her items,

"Well i thought i would treat my new friend" I said,

"Antonia this cost about £400! Thank you! But i will get you back" She replied with a quirky smile and wink,

We walked out arm in arm towards the car that was waiting for us, as we put in are bags we heard screaming, me and El turnt around to see a swarm of girls surrounding us, some were begging Eleanor for a photo, others were screaming at me.

'who are you'

'how do you know the boys and el?'

'shes so pretty' I blushed at that last one but just got in the car as Eleanor spoke to the girls, she soon returned and we made are way back to the boys place.




This morning has been so stressful, after Harry and Ashleys slagging match we were called into the studio, we had to start recording are new single for 'red nose day'. I think Louis was slightly annoyed at El for taking Antonia out, i mean El had just arrived and also because we were all hoping to spend the day together. I think its nice that they went out, but i just wish we had gone with them.




We arrived back at the boys flat after picking up a mcdonalds for everyone, we walked through the door, we saw everyone sat on the 'L' shaped sofa, Liam was on the Phone, Zayn was typing on a Laptop, Louis was wrapped up in a quilt asleep, as was Niall and Harry was nowhere to be seen.

"GUYS WE BRING FOOD" Nialls head shot up at El's words and he quickly raced to the kitchen counter, tripping over his quilt in the progress which brought us all to stiches,

"Hello everyone!" The boys all looked at me before walking over and giving me a peck on the cheek, Louis was ignoring El which made me feel a bit uneasy, i pullled him away towards the bathroom,

"Lou, why are you mad at El?" I said,

"I'm not, it's just that she only got back today and we had all planned to spend time together as a group"

"Well when El first met me it was extrememly loud, Harry and Ashleys arguing pissed her off and she wanted to spend time with me, i promise tomorrow it will be all of us" with pleading eyes i promised,

"Really? Good! Oh by the way, Ashley and Haz broke up, maybe you should go and talk to him? he won't speak to anyone else" I nodded my head before he pulled me into a warm hug,


I walked up the coridoor of there place and came to Harrys door, i quietly knocked, no reply, i knocked again, still no reply. I put my hand to the doorhandle and in one small swift move i opened it, There lay on the bed was Harry, he was snoring softly, i shut the door behind me and stalked over to his bed, i gently sat down on the bed before laying down completely, face to face with Harry. He really was beautiful,his well set face, his curls still groomed to perfection, his well proportioned body. I hadn't really spoke to Harry as much as i would of liked to, i had only known them a few days,

"How long have you been watching me sleep?" I jumped, at his husky voice, i examined his face as he lay smirking,

"Oh sorry! i'm a day dreamer! I was just wondering if you were ok?"

"Couldn't resist me huh? But yeah i'm okay, just a lot on my mind"

"You upset?"

"No why would i be?" he shrugged,

"Oh you know" I said before smacking my lips together and turning on my back,

"You really are beautiful you know," I went red at his comment before bursting out laughing,

"No i'm not" He frowned,

"You are, everyone thinks you are" he said before kissing my on my temple, i giggled before standing up off his big bed,

"You have a mcdonalds downstairs by the way" I walked out of his door,




She really was beautiful, he soft face, her slender figure, her laugh,her eyes, her everything. I would take her out, i would show her the world, i would be there for her. But i couldn't, Louis had warned me off her, i had warned me off her, after reading her journal, i couldn't hurt her.








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