I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


18. Lily


After are trip to the hair salon, me and Harry decided we wanted a Mcdonalds. We drove in his Audi towards the Drive-thru restaurant, i had put in the one of Harrys C.D's into the radio slot, turning it up loud,

'we are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky boys,you are the cheeky boys', i burst out into a squeaky laugh, watching as Harrys cheeks flared up, his eyes paying attention to the road,

"HARRY! why the hell do you have this song? its ancient and cheesy!!" I screamed, covering my mouth from the giggles that kept coming out,

"Me and Louis have are own dance routine to this song, its a bromance thing" He shrugged, a small smile on his face,

We finally got to mcdonalds, we watched as all the cars builded up, my stomach was rumbling so hard, Harry could obviously see, as well as hear this. He quickly reversed back, pulling into a parking space, i gave him a questioning look before understanding what he was doing, he turnt the engine off before unbuckling his seatbelt. I did the same, grabbing my bag in the process, we got out of the car, heading towards the entrance, he pulled his raybans over his eyes, which made him look even more amazing then he was.He held the door open for me, i gave him a side smile, doing a little curtsy in the process which made his mouth shoot to a grin, he bowed quickly before following me in. It was pretty quiet inside, we stood behind a few girls who were oblivious to the world wide pop sensation that stood behind them, i chuckled to myself as they spoke about One Directions latest song, but my grin pressed into a hard line when i heard them talking about, 'Antonia the slut Desuza'. Harry heard and quickly placed his arm around me, whispering into my ear,

'whos she? i know a Antonia Delilah Desuza? I don't know a Antonia the slut Desuza,a funny middle name for a girl?', I smiled at his comment, ignoring what had been said about me by the girls in front, the girls finally reached the till, ordering their food, they quickly recieved their order before sitting down in one of the seats near the window.

Me and Harry decided that we would sit by the back, me and Haz had both ordered the same, an extra large big mac meal and coke. We both sat in a comfortable silience. He was soon left flabbergastered when i finished my food before him, raising an eyebrow,

"Where do you put it all?" He questioned my slim figure,

"To the neverending black hole in my stomach" I giggled, he took the last bite of his food before taking a picture of are empty wrappers that lay on the table, i few minutes later i got a buzz on my phone, i saw it was a tweet with the photo of the contents of empty food boxes, opening it up i looked at the tweet, giggling to myself

@Harry_Styles @HeyThereDelilah swear this girl has a mini gym in her pocket, where does it seem to go? #fatpersontrappedinaskinnybody

I quickly retweeted the tweet before placing the phone back into my pocket, a few second laters i heard a really loud squeal, Harry choked on his sip of coke, signalling to the girls who were stood in front of us earlier,

"OH MY GOD, WHAT IF HE IS IN THIS MCDONALDS?" the black hair girl squealed, her eyes wondered around tables, her friends followed, i thought we were safe until she let out a huge scream, her friends too, before we could escape they came storming towards us. I heard a little whine come from Harry, i just sat there trying to keep myself to myself,

"Oh my god your Harry Styles" The black hair girl announced,

"hes so fit" the blonde one said,stating the obvious

"oh my god" the other blonde said,

They all stood there talking to Harry, the three of them giving me the occasional dirty look, which Harry noticed and gave me a reassuring smile. But all my attention was drawn to the girl behind them, she was obviously one of there friends, red hair,dark eyes, a shy smile on her lips, but it wasn't to Harry, but to me. I quickly stood up before motioning her to follow me, as we reached the other side of the restaurant i stopped, she stood there, eyes gleaming with happiness,

"Hello, are you okay?" I asked,

"Uh-uh i'm fine, its just, your so extremely beautiful" She replied, my heart melted at her kindness,

"Really? I mean compared to you i'm just a plain old girl, whats your name?" I asked, he cheeks blushed,

"You are beautiful, its just that i have adored you for a long time. Your the girl who spent all of her free time raising money for charitys. I admire the way you don't brag about being a billionares daughter and the names lily" My heart melted a second time, i wanted to pull her into a hug, i didn't want, i needed to. I opened my arms, before she stepped forward, hugging me back.

"Tha-thankyou so much Lily, i-i don't know how to thank you for being so kind" I stuttered, tears filling my eyes,

"No, thank you for being such an inspiration, you deserve to be friends with the boys. Your kind, beautiful and such a caring person" She smiled a gentle smile,

"You have twitter?" I asked, her smile turnt into a huge grin, she jumped on the spot before nodding her head,

"Yes i do, it's 'LilysInspirationIsAntoniaDesuza'" My heart melted a third time, if she carried on being so lovely i will be a bowl of melted icecream,

"Oh my god, so lovely! one second" I quickly pulled out my phone before assisting her to have a picture with me, she posed in the picture with me, a huge grin spread across her face, i quickly pulled up twitter, following her then tagging her in a tweet,

@LilysInspirationIsAntoniaDesuza I met this wonderful girl today, she probably made it the best day of my life, shes beautiful inside and out xxx

She pulled out her phone before jumping up and down on the spot again, pulling me into another heartfelt hug. I pulled her towards Harry who was looking pretty annoyed at the girls who was about my age, sixteen or so. When he saw me he stood up, the girls still surrounding him.

"Ugh why the hell does that slut have to ruin everything?" The black haired girl questioned, i didn't care, Lily had made my day.

"Harry, i would like you to meet Lily, she has cheered me up in the most possible way today, i think she deserves a picture?" I asked, a huge grin spread about my face,

"Yes! of course!" Harry agreed, a grin on his beautiful face too, never mind the annoyance he had from the three others,Lily smiled at us both before asking Harry something,

"Harry, i think Antonia should be in the photo too, she makes every picture light up" She said quietly, he looked at me, a way he had never looked at me, almost too breathtaking to handle. I blushed as Harry held out his arm, snapping us all,

"Can we get a photo too Harry?" The three girls asked, we both looked at eachother before he spoke,

"No, i don't think people who talk about my closest friend like that deserves to be, she deserves to be treated with the utter most respect. People who hurt the ones i love, do not deserve to be called directioners. take a leaf out of Lilys book, don't doubt her for being friends with us, but respect her for making us happy" The three girls looked gobsmacked, he quickly place an arm around my shoulder, i turnt to Lily, before pulling her into another hug, whispering to her,

'Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, i will never forget you, maybe i will get the boys to follow you' I winked at her, she sent me a big smile before i turnt back, heading towards Harrys car, The best day of my life.

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