I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


5. Introductions on a French scale




Me and the boys, well -1 Harry had just finished are tour, we were leaving France to go back to London for a few months, apart from the odd interview we had a lot of time to spare. We had only been with are family a few days ago but had to return to France for two days to finish up, we were glad we had time to spend without worrying about the next concert. We all waited in one of the private rooms at the airport due to all the screaming girls,some of who could get really fiesty. Harry decided to stay back with his new 'girlfriend', she wasn't really are cup of tea and we couldn't see what he saw in her, we were all doing are usual Zayn was on his phone,Niall was munching on a croissant and me and liam were chatting about the weeks to come and what we should do to keep us entertained. We all decided to stay at a flat together, us each having are own room, i seriously couldn't wait to get back.


"Boys its time to get on the flight, apparently first class is quite quiet today and only a few passengers will be in the cabin." Are heads shot up to see Paul, we all collected are things and Niall shoved the last of his Croissant in his gob before joining us. We walked up onto the plane and sat in the seats with a table, Paul was right there was only an old couple sat in a row a few seats down.

"I can't wait to get back, Nandos is calling me" Are eyes darted to Niall and Liam raised his eyebrow.

"Niall i don't understand, you have all those fan fictions making you out to be some kind of Nandos addict, you then deny it but i think they are right"

"Uhm Liam, i think they are right about all of us, Louis has a somewhat carrot addiction, You are obsessed with toystory,Zayn looks in a mirror 24/7 and Harry is a sex god" Niall argued back, we all burst out laughing because it was true, are fans were pretty correct when it came to us, except for my 'carrot love', i only said it as a joke but i will never live it down.

"Niall you think Haz is a sex god? always knew you batted for the other side" I winked at him, he moved in his seat and shot me a grin, that boy is weird.

We were all wrapped up in conversation when i heard a familiar tune play,'if we could only have this life for one more day,if we could only turn back time'

i couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of the old couple listening to us, i looked at the other boys with an amused face and they obviously heard it too because they were all cracking up laughing. I stood up and peered around to see that the old couple were in fact talking and had no earphones in, i looked around again and saw a hint of brown hair piled into a sophisticated bun.

"Guys looks like we have a girl on here too" They all stood up to get a view,we couldn't see much of her but still fighted to get a look,

"Well at least she has good music taste, now leave the girl alone, most of us have girlfriends here" Liam stated, i frowned at him and carried on trying to get a view.

After about ten minutes we gave up and went back to what we were doing, we was in mid conversation when we heard shuffling, we all looked down the rows to see she had stood up, she was beautiful, she looked young but was dressed smartly in rather expensive clothing. She looked somewhat upset, we all watched as she entered the toilet cubicle.

"Wow she was, wow" Niall gasped

"Yeah she was pretty beautiful" Liam agreed

"Probably fitter then Eleanor" Zayn blurted, I playfully slapped him

"Should we invite her over?" I asked, they all turnt to me smirking and nodding, we waited for a while, she was taking ages.

After about ten minutes i decided i would get up and knock on the door, the boys knew what i was doing so watched on as i made my way to the cubicle door, i knocked on it once, i heard something zipping up and waited for her to come out, she started to unlock the door and i stood there awaiting to ask her to join us, she eventually exited looking somewhat different and shocked.

Her hair hung over her shoulders, her lips were painted red and she was dressed more casual. She stood there with her eyebrow raised and i coughed,

"Uh-uh sorry! HI! i'm Louis, i was wondering if you wanted to join me and my friends?" She looked confused,

"Désolé, je ne comprends pas, je suis français" I was taken aback and felt akward as i tried to figure out what she said, i replied back in what i think was the right sentence

"Une miche de pain dans le bain" I was ment to say can you talk french, i think i said it right. She burst out laughing, her soft face in a large uproar of laughter.

"Oh my god! hahahaha! You just said 'a loaf of bread in the bath'!" I stood there mouth dropped open, she had a posh london accent, cheeky so and so.

"So you can talk english?" I raised my eyebrow,

"Yes i can hahaha! Hi my names Antonia!" She shook my hand and pulled me into a hug, i like this girl!

"Like i said my names Louis! You care to Join us?" She nodded her head in agreement and followed me back to the boys.

"Hi guys this is Antonia" They all gaped at her, probably because she looks more like a teenager now.

"Hi beautiful i'm Zayn"

"Hi love i'm Liam"

"Hu-Hi, i-i'm Niall" Poor Niall.

"C'est quoi ce bordel?" She said, i definitley understood what that ment and by the looks on Liam and Zayns face they did too, they looked quite scared, But Niall being Niall didn't know what she said.

"3 timbres de poissons s'il vous plaît" Niall replied and again Antonia burst out laughing,

"Oh my flipping god! hahahaha! Hi guys i'm Antonia i was only joking with you! Niall you do know that you said '3 stamps of fish please'" The boys relaxed and Nialls face went as bright as a tomato.

"Yeah guys she played the same trick on me, we better watch this on, she is probably a better prankmaster then me the sass master" She raised her perfectly groomed brow and sat in one of the seats, a small smirk playing on her face.











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