I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


17. How many Harry Styles does it take to Hair style


I awoke with my eyes still shut, the feeling of warmth surrounding every inch of me, the soft furnishing hitting my bare feet. I felt around with my slender fingers, moving every inch until i came into contact with a soft linen on a hard surface, i opened my eyes to see the bright light leaping through the brown curtains. I looked around to see i was in the boys living room, on the L shaped sofa, but what startled me was that i was laying on Harrys chest, his well toned, clothed chest. I was wrapped in a black blanket, one of his arms wrapped around my slim bodyframe, his soft snores hitting my ears. I looked up to his face, his mouth a tad open, his brown curls swept across his forehead. I lay here, taking in the view, but that was taken away from me when i heard a yawn, i looked up to see a pair of emerald eyes staring right back into mine,

"Goodmorning" Harry breathed out, blinking a few times i stretched out beside him before sitting up,

"Good morning sleepyhead" I giggled out, he smiled before sitting up just as i did,he motioned his locks out of the way, sweeping them so his face was more visible,

"Breakfast?" He asked, i grinned and nodded as he hopped off of the sofa, heading to the open kitchen area, a thought popped into mind,

"Harry, can you help me build a twitter please?" i pleaded, with a small smile playing on my scarlet lips, he grinned at me,

"Yes! It means you can finally be like us!" He quietly shouted, but then a small frown hit his brows,

"What?" I questioned, he shook his head before opening his mouth to talk again,

"What about your dad?" He asked concerned,

"Oh, he said that i can be my own person, that i can live my own life here"  i watched as he smiled before he cracked an egg into a bowl of flour,


I rammed the rest of the mouthwatering pancake down my throat, i licked the sugar off of my lips before sitting back up to face Harry, He was on his phone talking to what i assumed was his friend Nick. I had heard Nick on Radio 1 alot recently, still yet to meet him. He layed his phone down on the glass table before watching me as i bobbed my head around to a George Michael song, he laughed as i had so much enthusiasm in my hand gestures. The song ended and i picked up my glass of Coca-cola, everyone found me weird that i usually had a can of Coke for breakfast, i just was a crazy sugar addict at heart, i glugged the last bit before walking over to the step bin, burping in the process,

"You Antonia Desuza are a very disgusting girl" Harry joked before burping himself,

"And you Harry Styles are an hypocrite" I laughed " I'm heading next door for a shower, shame you can't watch me in the bath this time" I said playfully, memories leading back to are first encounter.

I felt his eyes burning into my back as i walked out of his door, a small smirk playing on my lips. I could get used to being looked at like that.



I watched as her toned figure walked out of my front door, her long legs trailing with her. Thoughts lead back to the first time we met, as she was in the bath, teasing me. She was the one girl who i had ever had enough respect for, except from my mum of course. Antonia had this fire about her, it burned brighter everytime she laughed,smiled,looked at me or just breathed. I was easily starting to fall for her, falling hard. The only thing that was stopping me from telling her how i felt was that fact that i read a lot of the contents of her journal. I hadn't been my usual self since meeting her, i hadn't been near another girl, flirted with a fan or even looked at another. All of my thoughts would trail to Antonia, her beautiful, mesmorizing personality and features making me want her.




After my shower i decided that i would dress in some comfy clothes as all me and Harry had planned was a day of nothing but relaxation. I decided on some black leggings, an other sized duffer jumper and my red vans. I pulled my hair up into a top knot bun, which left my face more defined and clear. I applied some vaseline to my lips, before making my way back to Harry.

I walked in to the Flat to find him nowhere in sight, i placed my shoulder bag on the counter before reaching into the fridge, pulling out a bottle of ice cold water. I took a sip of the refreshing liquid, letting it run down my throat, placing it down i pulled out my samsung galaxy before clicking on my text messages, i gasped when i saw one from Jack my hairdresser, i was meant to go for an appointment about a week ago. Thats something i would be doing today, i quickly set a reminder on my phone, i looked up to see Harry walk in. I admired his outfit choice, he went with some black skinny jeans, a white top, white converse and a shirt placed over the t-shirt, arms rolled up.

"You look nice today" I commented, he looked at me, up and down before turning his attention back up to my face,

"Not as nice as you" I blushed at his words before playfully slapping him on his arm,


Me and Harry finally set about making my twitter, we decided that i would go as the name 'HeyThereDeliah', based on my middle name, which i preferred to my actual name. I set my twitter photo as me,Harry,Louis and El, it had been when we went sight seeing, we were stood outside Camden Bridge, one of my most wanted places to go. I put my background photo of a photograph i had taken back in Paris, it was of the Eiffel tower. I went casually with my Bio,

'The names Antonia Desuza, i am a dreamer when it comes to books, but a realist when it comes to life'

Harry showed me all of the ropes, before i took over. I quickly searched in the people i wanted to follow, before quickly locking my phone. I turnt to a bored looking Harry, i had been on twitter for about ten minutes and had not spoke to him once, i quickly stood up before running full pelt into him, knocking him so he tripped over the kitchen stool and bang straight onto the floor. I tried to supress the giggle that was trying to escape, but it was no use.

"Ha-Ha-Harry, I-I am so, sorry!" I laughed, i looked to his face, a serious expression plastered on his beautiful face, my smile faultered, i began to feel bad, but before i had the chance to help him my ankle was yanked, he pulled me to the ground. We both lay there laughing before we stood up, dusting ourselves off,

"Harry, we need to go to see my hairdressers, maybe get yourself a trim whilst we are at it" I offered,

"You saying my hair is ugly?" He fake pouted, i placed my hand on his cheek before slightly pinching it, a pretend pout on my face too,

"Nope! Just thought that you would like to look hot for all those eleven year olds" I winked, he shaked his head before we headed out to his car,



I sat in the Hairdressing chair, foils in my dark hair. Harry decided that he wanted me to have some lighter brown highlights put in, after much persuasion i gave in. Harry was currently having a trim from a very loud Jack, i liked him a lot though, he was exactly like my much adored hairdresser back in Paris. I pulled out my phone, unlocking it to see a bird shaped sign placed at the top of the screen, i clicked on it to be linked to twitter. My eyes widended at my new found followers, i had only expected a few, but the amount it showed on the screen was saying different, 10,000k followers. A few of the mentions i had were asking who i was, a few hurtful ones telling me how ugly i was, but i couldn't help but smile at the few mentions that stood out most,


@Real_Liam_Payne @HeyThereDelilah Toni i am so pleaseddd that you are my real life friend, but twitter friend? no wayyyy! miss you :)

@Zaynmalik @HeyThereDelilah Yes! My best friend has twitter! twittwoo, missing you, see you soon, love you!x

@NiallOfficial @HeyThereDelilah The girl who beat me in a food eating competition deserves to be noticed, but i will beat you next time ;) Love ya xxx

@Louis_Tomlinson @HeyThereDelilah oh my god, my little girl has all grown up! Missing you love, can't wait to see you.#lotsoflove xx

@EleanorJCalder @HeyThereDelilah Oh my god! My babe is on here! Missing you lots and lots! Only a few more days and we will be together again! #excited love you gorgeousss xx

@DaniellePeazer @HeyThereDelilah You go girl! Can't wait until we meet for real, so much better then talking through a computer screen! xx

@Harry_Styles @HeyThereDelilah This nut job here didn't know how to use Twitter until i came along and helped her, #dummie nice hair xx

I smiled at all of them, i glanced over to Harry who's hair was looking a lot fresher. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye,a grin plastered along his well traced mouth. I stuck my tounge out at him, he laughed which earned a scolding from Jack, for in these words,

'In my hands right now i am holding Harry Styles head, those fans can be quite fiesty you know' it only led to Harry laughing even more.


I glanced at my new styled and coloured hair in the circular mirror, Jack had done such a good job, he had put a middle part in, used hot rollers to create a soft wave which blended in with the perfect highlights Harry had chosen. I rose off of the chair, pulling Jack into a hug, Harry was outside on the phone to his sister, i had yet to see what he thought of it. I walked to the till to pay the £1000 pound for my Hair, i thought it was a bit over the top, but this was one of the best hair salons in England. I was getting ready to pull out my card when Jack came over and slammed my purse shut,

"Nu-uh, i don't think so missy, you can have this one free!" He said, joy in his voice,

"Jack, please, i can afford it" I stated, but he just shook his head, pulling me into a hug, asking me to come again.I knew exactly that i would again.

I walked out of the hairdressers to see Harry turnt away from me, phone to his ear, is stood there like a lemon until he shot around, still on the phone. His mouth dropped open, leading my face to burn up, he quickly said something into the phone before placing it back in his pocket, i giggled as he kept his eyes on me,

"Wow" He breathed out,

"Your hair is wow too" I laughed,

"No seriously, you look beautiful, out of this world" i looked at the floor, scruffing my vans against the pavement, before turning up to face him,

"Thank you" I replied, thoughts running through me.


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