I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


19. Energy


Earlier today, seeing that smile on Toni's face left me with the biggest smile on mine. All the whole car journey back home she wouldn't stop going on about Lily, the things she had said and done. It was a relief to see her in such a good mood, once we arrived back she had finally came back down to earth and had returned to her usual charming self. Not that i minded her being so over the moon. We both decided to spend the night at hers, she said how she wanted to make use of her place, seeing she spent most of her time in mine and the boys.

I changed into some sweats and a polo shirt, whilst she put on some shorts and my Pink Floyd t-shirt she had begged me to have. Not that i wouldn't of gave it to her, i just liked to see her plead with those astounding grey eyes. We both settled down on the floor, duvets and pillows placed under and around us. We decided that we would watch the normal British evening television, Eastenders,Emmerdale and Corrie. She told me how her dad had a sky box fitted into her house back in France, so she wouldn't have to miss anything, even if it was an hour forward over there.

We sat in front of the TV, her legs on my lap, a spoon full of cheescake in one of her hands, a can of coke in the other. I couldn't help but laugh at her, she didn't care what people thought. I was dreading the upcoming months,when me and the boys would have to leave for tour, she wasn't mine, but the same thing kept going through my mind. I needed her to be mine.




As the Eastenders theme tune hit the ending of the programme i cursed at the latest storyline, the cliffhanger always annoyed me because i was too impatient to find out. I stretched myself out next to a deep in thought Harry, i layed flat on the floor, him still in deep concentration, i took one of my fingers before moving it up to his nose and prodding it. His attention snapped to me, he repeated the exact same motion i did, me giggling like the sixteen year old girl i was. I like being the youngest out of everyone, i felt safe knowing i had people older then me, to look out for me.

Harry layed out flat on the floor before turning to face me, i repeated the same, face to face with him. I could tell his mind was elsewhere, my worries getting the better of me. What if he wasn't enjoying my company? What if he wished he was in Ireland? What if he was bored of me? these thoughts ran through my mind, i think Harry noticed, because not before too long he was talking,

"Stop thinking so hard, you will crack your brain" He joked, i cringed at the thought and looked up at him,

"What are you thinking about Haz?" I asked, using the nickname a few people used,

"Just stuff" he replied quickly, i raised my eyebrow at him, nodding for him to tell me,

"Tell me" I ordered, he sighed whilst flicking his newly cut hair,

"It's just that, well i don't know, well i do know, but if you needed to tell someone something majorly important, but was unsure on how they reacted, what would you do?" He asked, i thought it through before coming up with my best answer,

"I would tell them if i trusted them, i would tell them the truth, because you might end up making a mistake and regretting not telling that person" I spoke truthfully, he shifted, moving so all his body weight was on his elbows,

"What if that person was in front of you right now?" He spoke quietly, too quietly, my thoughts flashed by, was he going to hurt me, panic washing over every inch of feeling i had,

"Then i would definitley tell them"

"Well, the person in front of me is you and you are the one person i need to tell. You see, a few weeks ago i met this girl, this amazingly beautiful type goddess girl. Her presence lit up every room, her smile would make the whole world go quiet just so they could adore it like i do. She can be brave, adorable, humerous, mad and outrageous. But all of that builds up to the feeling i have for her, that feeling you get when you are so nervous yet so intrigued around this person. This girl takes my breath away, Antonia Delilah Desuza takes my breath away"

I sat there, totally gobsmacked, a rush of feelings running through every blood flow in my body.The jittery butterflies jumping around in my stomach, i could cry, i could laugh, i could scream, i could run wild, but all i had to do was tell him what i felt, he sat there waiting for my reply,

"Well, these past few weeks i have been trying to put my finger on any foreign feeling i had for this boy, trying to deny myself of any intense want for him. Never before had i seen some marvellous person, some type of beautiful creature. Someone that makes you so happy that you could die right there and then and not regret a single thing, because it was right then and now that you were at your happiest. Someone that makes you feel so strong,invincible and amazing.You see, i didn't meet him in the politest manor, i met him whilst he was holding my hair back over a toilet bowl. But that one little thing got the sparks flying, his touch set me on fire, his voice sending shivers down my spine, his everything crawling through every limb of my body. I don't just want him, i have to have him" I choked back the tears full of joy, my body shaking from all the emotion running through me.


I looked into his eyes, he stared back into mine. Every single feeling we had for eachother could be seen through the chemistry in both are presense. He lifted his hand, his almighty touch sending tingles to my cheek, he cupped my face in his hand, i kept my eyes burning into his, holding both are gazes. We both began to move forward, every little thing in slow motion, every little detail memorable. He got closer, i got closer, the gap between us  slowly began to get smaller. It was then when are lips met, the feeling so desirable that i didn't want it to end, the sparks shooting through us, every ounce of want going into are first kiss.


As Harry pulled away, we still kept are gaze on eachother, pulling me towards him i let my face be buried in his chest. His addicting scent reeling me in even more, he buried his face in my hair, kissing the top of my head, pulling my face up as he softly planted a kiss from my temple, to my brow bone, to my nose, to my cheek, to my lips. We lay there in eachothers arms, enjoying the moment we had, enjoying eachothers silient company. The darkness slowly overtaking us, every ounce of energy from one kiss gone.  



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