I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


21. a big day




Me, Lou and El wondered back to my range rover, bags in hand for me able to make tonight special. I clicked the unlock button for my car on the keys before unlocking the boot, allowing El to double check through that we had everything. As she sorted through the things me and Louis sat in the front of the car, the radio playing quietly, i looked to Lou to see him deep in thought, his eyes focused on the red post box nearby.

"Lou, you alright?" I questioned him,concern in my voice, he turnt to me, a serious look painted across his face,

"Uh, Haz. I know your my best friend, my brother even. But i care for Antonia, like i do for my own sisters. I just want to tell you that if you have one ounce of doubt in your body, a feeling that you could hurt her, then i want you not to continue on with this" He advised, he looked me in the eyes, looking for a flicker of truth,

"Lou, i know that i may be known as the flirt, but have you seen how different i have been these last weeks? I have not as much as flirted,winked or even looked at another girl. Except for Ashley, but she was nothing special, nothing compared to Toni" I spoke truthfully, his once serious face turnt into a smile, he patted me on the back nodding, are eyes turning to an out of breath Eleanor in the back,

"Oh my god, those bags were so heavy! you boys are so damn lazy" She shrieked, me and Louis sent eachother a wink before is started the engine, making our way back.

The whole journey home was focused on Antonia, my thoughts at every little thing she done, causing my face to break into a smile. I earnt a few weird looks from passer bys as i looked as though i was smiling at them. We quickly pulled into the garage, before getting out, bags in hand. Lou pressed the pin to the building in before we walked behind eachother, quietly.

We tip-toed across the hallway, silently unlocking the front door, to be greeted by a big surrounding of cold air.

"I think they are on the balcony" Louis guessed, we put the bags on the side before very quietly making are way to the balcony. We stood behind the curtain, listening as Niall played a few strings of his guitar, the stench of smoke fumes hit are scents. We were just about to walk out, when we heard Liams voice, we quickly stood back behind the curtain, listening,

"You know, El and Dani went through the same thing, they still do, but when you really want to be with that one person you go through anything, fight, to be with them" Liam told to what must of been Antonia, we heard a sigh before she spoke, her soft voice full of  truth,

"I just suppose i am used to people being nice to me, but then i am used to people being jealous of me too. I mean, growing up i had everything, had the family, the money, the lifestyle. But never the boy. My mum used to say to me 'if no boy that matches up, comes along and makes your heart beat out your chest, then he wasn't the one, but when that boy does come along, snatch his heart too, stick to him like glue' I never used to know what that meant, until i met Harry, the meaning behind it is that when you meet the one, don't push him away, stick with him through everything" she announced in her British accent, her voice was like none others. My heart started to beat, so loud i thought maybe they would hear. I noticed how Niall had stopped strumming, as soon as she started to talk. Interested in her words. 

"Your mum sounds like she truly meant every word she spoke to you, you speak of her like she was the greatest person alive, its lovely" Liam replied, the soft kind self he is. There was a few minutes of silence before we heard a familiar tune play, expecting it to be Niall. But this voice was strong,emotional,breathtaking,


'My mind is a warrior,my heart is a foreigner,my eyes are the colour of red like a sunset,I'll never keep it bottled up,left to the hands of the coroner,be a true heart not a follower,we're not done yet now,' she sang every note perfect, the hairs on my skins starting to static up,

'I see it in your movements tonight,if we should ever do this right,i'm never gonna let you down,oh I'll never let you down,
now keep it on the down low and I'll keep you around so I'll know,that I'll never let you down,I'll never let you down.'

'You're strumming on my heart strings like you were a grade 8 but I never felt this way,
I'll pick your feet up off of the ground and never ever let you down,
You're strumming on my heart strings like you were a grade 8 but I never felt this way,
I'll pick your feet up off of the ground and never ever let you down,'

  She strummed the last string, we heard the boys commenting on her voice, i looked to El and Lou who was both stood behind the curtain, gobsmacked. I have to say that i was pretty shocked,she sounded professional,unique,perfect.  

ANTONIAS P.O.V   The boys praised me as i pass the guitar back to Niall, i blushed at their words. Truthfully i didn't really let anybody hear me sing properly, sure i would mess around and sing along to those corny songs that play on the radio, but the only one who knew about my voice was my mum and Florence. As i sat back in my seat, admiring the London day, i noticed the familiar brown curls out of the corner of my eye, i looked up to see a smiling harry,


  "And where did that beautiful voice come from?" He ordered, face split from ear to ear, cracked into a happy face, i laughed nervously before answering him,   "Not something i like to brag about" I stuck my tounge out, turning towards El and Lou who both pulled me into a hug.  


Everyone went to their rooms, leaving me and Harry in eachothers company. I sit here at the breakfast bar, watching Harry move around in my polka dot apron, that earnt a few odd looks from the others. I couldn't help but laugh at his little domestic godess that was shooting out of him, i watched as he grabbed my 'lunch' out from the oven.  He added the finishing touches before placing the white china plate down in front of me, i traced my eyes across the form of food before looking at him, eye brows raised,


 "So first we have Coca-cole and ice cream for breakfast, now you have made me a chocolate fondant, not that i am complaining" I stated, before pulling the spoon up from the table, him doing the same,

  "Well i kinda gathered that you enjoyed sweet over savoury, i noticed when we ate out that you would eat two desserts and a starter, i noticed you would buy a pizza and a dessert for two, only eating a slice of pizza and the two person dessert to yourself, i think that would call you a sugar addict" He winked, i pushed the spoon into the chocolate fondant, looking to see if the velvet melted chocolate was based in the middle, i watched as the chocolate river dripped out,

  "Well you my sir are a great dessert maker, this is perfect, will you be my sugar daddy?" I asked playfully, causing him to choke on his fresh orange juice,

  "Well i was hoping for something else, but if it means even being in your presense then i'm in" He vowed, i pursed my lips at him, causing my heart to melt, i leaned over to him, he leaned in, are lips almost toucing, before we were interrupted by a knock at the door. We heard running, we looked up to see Liam running past us smiling, Haz shrugged his shoulders before looking back to me, i watched as he moved his hand up to my face, i small smirk on his perfect lips. As his fingers touched my cheek, i was expecting for a tingle of spark, but the only feeling i felt was a sticky substance being smeared down my face,

  "HARRY!! you didn't?" I squealed, before looking to the kitchen side, finding my chosen weapon, i smiled in an evil like manor, i jumped out of my stool before running full pelt, grabbing the clotted cream tub in the process, i ran towards the back of the sofa, hearing fast footsteps behind me. I was chucked to the floor, a laughing Harry placed on top of me, trying to grab the cream out of my hand, before he could force it from my hand a bit dlob flew into his hair, i quickly smudged it in, causing him to shriek,

"NOT THE CURLS!" He outbursted with laughter, i tried to catch my breath from the humerous laughs that was escaping my mouth, looking into his breathtaking eyes, he gently placed his hands on my waist, before carefully leaning in, first kissing my chocolate covered cheek,then down to my sticky lips. I felt that fire, as the kiss turned into passion, want, need, but all that was snatched away from a loud giggle, we both pulled away and looked up to see a smiling Liam and another beautiful face.

"What a lovely welcome gift this is! to find two people covered in god knows what, doing god knows what!" The girl joked, i painfully pushed Harry off of me, leading him to fall next to me in a bang, i quickly stood up and ran at the girl,

"DANIELLE! its so nice to finally meet you!" I hugged her, a awkward,warm, hug,

"As it is you! more beautiful in person! but do not get that chocolate shit on me, i don't want to look like someone has wasted on,me too" She giggled, before we both pulled away,

"Sorry, Harry thought it would be funny to start a food fight, which i'm glad you interupted else this place would look like a bombs hit it" I stated, we both laughed before moving over to the kitchen, drinking tea as we chatted, leaving Harry to do whatever he had to do.




"Is that it?" I asked the boys, we had left Eleanor,Antonia and Danielle to chat back at ours, the boys had came with me so i could set up everything for tonight. I wanted to make everything special for tonight,we may have only known eachother a few weeks, but i could easily tell she was the one. Tonight i would treat her how she deserved, i would do everything in my power, before asking her that one special thing.

We finished the finishing touches, tweeking a few things,laying everything out,setting it all up. I had created a plan,with the help of Zayn, i didn't want it to be an over the top thing, i wanted her to feel at her most comfortable state. I wanted no dresses,blazers,fancy meals or expensive drinks, she had already lived that life, she wanted to be normal, well at least for tonight,the plan we had hatched was perfect.



"So your saying that you have never ate a snail? even though you lived in France for a good five years! " El shrieked, i nodded my head,

"Nope! would never, my friend/housekeep Florence told me not to and i never did" I replied, they both looked at me dumbfounded, just as Dani was about to talk my phone beeped,

From Harry-xx: Can you come to the park, its important

I sat there, he didn't put his usual kisses on the end,it must be important. I turnt back to Danielle and El who were both looking at me, worried faces.

"He wants me to go to that park, i need to go" I panicked before quickly waltzing out of the door, running into my own place, rushing as fast as i could.

I pulled off my sweat pants i had only recently changed in to, before pulling on a pair of leggings, zayns top he had kindly allowed me to have, my ugg boots and a camoflauge jacket. I ran my hands through my unbrushed hair before quickly checking my rose-gold Michael Korrs watch, two minutes, not bad.


I walked towards the big park, the sun was starting to turn the day orange, tints of pink hitting any reflective item. I eyed around, noone in sight except for a couple and their dog, i sighed before pulling out my phone, sending a quick text to Harry,

To Harry-xx: Where are you?!

I looked around again before my phone buzzed, i walked as i read the message,

From Harry-xx: Walk towards the memorial garden

I furrowed my brows, why was he being so blunt? I contemplated on just turning back,scared of what i might find, but i gave in, walking towards the beautiful memorial garden gate, just as i was about to walk in i noticed a piece of paper placed on it, i pulled it off, scanning what it read,


The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed.'

I smiled at the quote which was written on the white paper, it was my favourite quote, by Charlotte Bronte, one of my most loved novelists. Underneath the quote was an arrow, pointing right, i looked to place given to see a small item, quickly stalking myself to it i laughed, there was pieces of bread leading up to my destination, he had gotten it from my favourite childhood story 'hansel and gretel', i shaked my head in amusement. As i walked along the pieces of bread i came to a halt, i was stood at a tree trunk, as i looked closer i gasped.









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