I will love you beyond my last breath(A Harry Styles fanfic)

Antonia is known as a girl who never has to worry, someone who has everything and could never want for nothing more. Her life is sent into independance until she meets a few people that could easily change her views on what a life should be like. When she is chucked to a city she once loved she is in for a big rollercoaster of love,heartbreak and Harry. But shes not going down without a fight.

This story will contain mature content.


1. Welcome to my life

The soft cool air awakens my deep sleep, the sound of birds reaching my ears in a charming melody. Light hits the mirror that stands in the corner of my bedroom,the coldness of the crisp white sheets leaving goosebumps on my pale skin.I flutter my eyes open,taking in the same view as every morning for the past five years, the items placed all over the large room, the painting of me hung on duck egg blue walls,the chaise lounge chair taking at the corner of the beautiful bedroom. This is my life, elegant surroundings,people waiting on me hand and foot,me not having to lift so much as a finger.


I stand up from my bed,dragging my feet across the cream carpets leading up to the cream railing balcony that looks out over a beautiful city,the city of love. People probably think i have it made, a girl of sixteen having the world at her feet, not having to worry for anything or anyone, but that isn't true. Money doesn't make you happy, no amount of chanel handbags or vintage garments can give you that buzz you want, sure it may make you happy for those ten minutes but then the upset comes and hits you right back.


My name is Antonia Delilah Desuza, My dad is the one and only Roberto Desuza, the man who is probably one of the richest men in the world. From the minute i was born i had the almost perfect life, i had my mum Anastasia and my dad. They were the happiest couple known to man, no ounce of hatred between them, but one horrible accident made that all go wrong, my mum was lost to the man in the sky, leaving behind misery and heartbreak. Ever since she died when i was eleven years old i was sent to to live in Paris,France, my dad not with me. Instead i was sent to live with Florence, shes my nanny or housekeeper if thats what you would like to call it, but she has been amazing,the person i am most closest to.


"Antonia! Antonia! Wake up wake up!" I turnt around from the beautiful balcony and shut the double doors. I placed on my silk dressing gown and opened up my door, making my way down the two levels, admiring the canvas pictures of my parents.i walk  to the dining room table that Florence is sat at,her thick red hair piled into a bun on the crown of her head, her dark blue eyes concentrating on the daily newspaper.

"Morning Floss, whats with all the shouting?" I raise my eyebrow, she looks up and gives me a small smile,almost hopeful.

"Good morning,you need to get dressed, your dad has just arrived from New york, hes on his way back from the airport now" My eyes shot into big circles, i haven't seen my dad for months, hes always 'too busy making money' to see me.

"Wha-what do you mean on his way? Why is he coming here?" I stuttered out, fiddling with my thumbs.

"He's taking you out for breakfast, he should be here in about half hour, i'll pick your outfit out, go have a shower, don't worry about this Antonia, just remember that you have me" She placed her arms around me, pulling me into the warmest hug, Florence was the kindest i knew, apart from my dear mother, Floss as i call her is in her late thirties, she has such a soft face and has always been there for me.

"Uh-um okay, i'll try to be quick" I stalked off to my en-suite bathroom, i contemplated on having a bath but changed my mind and turnt on the shower, i stepped inside scrubbing every inch of me.


I dryed myself off and placed the thick robe that hang on the door on my thin body. Looking into the dressing table mirror that was placed in my bathroom i gave my hair a quick once over with the hairdryer letting my thick long chesnut brown hair fall over my slender shoulders, i applied some moisturiser to my face and painted a little blusher onto my cheeks. I looked into the mirror examining my work and excepting the outcome.


I walked back into my bedroom and layed my eyes on the outfit that is spread upon my now made bed, how come the maids always get there first? i hate people doing everything little thing for me. The outift consisted of some smart peg leg type black trousers, a black top and a plaid blazer jacket. I sighed to myself over the choice of clothing, i was never allowed to wear what any normal teenage girl could wear, whenever i was out in public i had to look polished from head to toe, the only time ever i could look a little less smart was when i was at home. I paired the outfit with my suede nude heels and strut my way down to the dining room for the second time today.

As i reached the bottom of the stairs i heard that familiar laugh, the one that i hadn't heard ever since my mum died, the one that was once happy. I slowly walked into the room to see that man that i adored, that man that was a shell of his oldself, my dad.




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