Waking Up: Zayn's My Brother

Blurb coming soon.


1. My Feelings

I've never felt so important. My life was the best. Ok, I'm eight years apart from brother, but that doesn't mean anything. He loves me in everyway and will never leave me. He's my protector. Ok, we never got to play as much as we did before but now he's the cover of magazines and albums. My brother is famous. My brother is a leader. My brother is Zayn Malik.

I walked down the stairs in our motel and saw Zayn through the crack in the bathroom door. He was brushing his teeth looking at the mirror. He spit out the water, and out of the corner of his eyes he saw me, his little sister.

Zayn wiped his mouth with his arm and ran out the door, with a smile on his face. He picked up my thin body and squeezed it with all he had. That's how close we are.

"Good morning,  Skipper. How's my favorite sister?" asked Zayn, putting my body down.

"Good." I answered, looking into Zayn's eyes. Whenever I say "good", I get tickled by Zayn.

"You know what this means, Skipper." said Zayn, wiggling his fingers.

"Stop, stop!" I yelled as he still tickled me.


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