Valentine's Fairytale (Niall Horan fanfic) [1Shot41D]

Valentines Day wishes come true, and second chances happen. Its a competition till the end. Some things are forgotten when Love is found. <3


4. Chapter 4 [1Shot41D]

                 I flew to the UK alone. As Cheyenne thought, her grandma strictly forbid her to go. So I was left alone with my mom and my older brother, PJ. On the plane, I sat in the window seat bordered by my mom with PJ on the other side. As soon as we were off the runway, my brother pulled out his Iphoneand started killing off a population of zombies. My mother sat with her earplugs in, reading a new book. Sighing, I pulled out my phone and started listening to 'Take Me Home'

               An hour past when the pilot announced that we were now passing over the Atlantic Ocean and would arrive at our destination shortly. A flight attendant making her rounds asked us if we needed anything and my mom ordered a bottle of champagne. Just wonderful.

              Plugging in my earphones, I switched the song to 'Rock Me', siging to myself. I want you to Rock Me! Rock Me! Rock Me, Yeah! A little girl leaned inbetween the seates. She couldn't have been older than 7. Blonde curly hair fell around her face in a shimmering curtain and her bright blue eyes looked up at me expectantlyl.

             "Is that a One Direction song?" Her voice was like icing, sweet and smooth. When I nodded she said, "I like Niall. He's mine."

              Haha. Yeah right. She leaned back in her seat and curled up on what must've been her father's shoulder and closed her eyes. She slightly reminded me of my neice Lena. After a moment I leaned back in my own seat and continued listening to 1D. Before long, I was asleep with my head against the window.


                   "We have reached the runway. Please turn off all your eletronic devices and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you for riding 'Air 1'."

                     I woke to the pilot talking. I turned off my phone and shoved it in my jeans pocked. A broad smile hovered over my lips. Just one more hour and I would be partying hard with THE BEST, BOY BAND, in the WHOLE GALAZY!

                    With a rickety bump we landed on the runway. Unfastening my seatbelt, I stretched upward and grabbed my over nighter shoulder bag. It was black with a HUGE 1D logo. My mom tapped my shoulder, urging me to move off the plane, but there was still a long line in front of me.

                      After an hour it seemed, we made it off the plane and through the security lines. But at the very end of the line, a suprise waited on me.

                      Niall Horan, THE NIALL HORAN, stood there, with a name card reading, 'Jesa Walston and family' and the rest of the boys huddled around him. I froze, my eyes wide, taking it all in. I ran foward and wrapped my around Niall.

                   "It's actually you." I whispered leaning closer into him, as he wrapped one arm around my waist.

                     His dirty blonde hair was spiked up as usual and he wore my favorite brand of shirt, the one with my initials over his heart. Cologne flogged into my nose and I inhaled what must have been the new Abercrombie and Fitch sent. I wanted to stay there forever in his arms.

                    Then my brother cleared his throat ackwardly,Niall and I jumped away from each other. My body went rigig with emarassment.

                  "Guys, this is One Direction." I gestured. "One Direction, this is my mother, and brother, PJ"

                   "Hello Mrs. Walston," Liam stepped foward and took her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

                    Mom blushed."Hello."

                     Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my vibrating phone. It was Cheyenne. Of course.

                    "Hey I -"

                     "Jesa, this is important." Her voice was urgent but at the moment I didn't care.

                    "I got to go. Bye." I hung up on her and put my phone away. Everybody was looking at me.

                   "Haha," I laughed nervously, "Best friends. You know how they can be. Always needy."

                    Niall broke into a smile. "Come on, lets go back to the hotel." He reached foward, intertwining his hand in mine. Suddenly, every thought in my head dissappeared. All I could think about was Niall and his hand wrapped around mine, and the burning sensation that came with it.




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