Valentine's Fairytale (Niall Horan fanfic) [1Shot41D]

Valentines Day wishes come true, and second chances happen. Its a competition till the end. Some things are forgotten when Love is found. <3


3. Chapter 3 (1Shot41D)


                         For about an hour, I danced around my roomto the beat of 'Kiss You' on repeat. The biggest grin I could possibly manage flourished on my face. For the fist time in a long, long, long time, I was really and truly happy.

                      A hand rapped on the door to my bedroom and I went to answer it. Before I could react, my dad pulled me into a ginormus bear hug and have me a knuckle sandwhich.

                    "Who's yo daddy now?" He exclaimed

                     "Dad, i'm not a babby anymore." But I was giggling and couldn't stop. "What are you doing home so early?"

                      " I recieved extrra vacation hours because I was a good boy."

                      "Ha ha ha." I mock-laughed and turned to shut off my favorite song. My dad is rarely ever home and now I needed to give him my undivided attention.

                     "So how was your -"  He began but I interrupted.

                       "Daddy, I wanna go to the UK." Turning on my best puppy dog eyes, I looked up at him pleading for attention. So much for undivided attention.

                       He sighed. "Is this about meeting One Direction again?"

                        "Yes, but I can explain -"

                         "No buts. You get everything that you want. Isn't all their albums and some posters enough for you?" His eyes slightly scanning my room.


                               "Jesa, you are NOT going to the UK and thats's it. It's final."

                             "But -"

                           "No buts, Jesa Danielle Walston."

                     I sighed. "Yes sir."


                 "We are SO going to the UK" Cheyenne's face contorted into a show of confusion. Then she bursted out laughing. "What?" I used my famous accusatory tone.

                    "I'm sorry," She waved a hand in front of her face trrying to catch her breath but it only made her laugh harder.

                     "What is funny?" I demanded

                       After she calmed down she explained. "Because we're 17 year olds! We could never go to the Uk by ourselves! And I know your dad has refused you several times. Plus, my grandma won't let me go. The irony behind all this is hilarious."

                      I sighed and looked away. Deep down inside I had a feeling I wouldn't be going, But no way would I take no for an answer. Rising I marched off and Cheyenne mimicked,

                  "Where are you going?" She called a few feet back.

                   "My locker." I stated over my shoulder, but I did not stop. Once I was in the wing that my locker was in, I turned but Cheyenne was no longer following me. She was only trying to help and I hurt her feelings. Why does this always seem to happen? I entered the combination into my swirl lock and it popped open. I jerked out my stuff and slammed it shut with a satisfying ding.

                  When I returned back to the table, I noticed Cheyenne wasn't there. Damn, I screwed up this time. Looking up; I saw her sitting at her boyfriends table talking to one of the 11th graders, Samantha. If she didn't wan't to sit with her best friend, then fine. She dosen't have to. taking my headphones out, I plugged them in my ears and turned the music up to full blast.


                           That night I got a text from Cheyenne. It was a long winded apology that I didn't deserve. But I was still angry, so I ignored it. I logged onto Twitter and saw I gained another 300 followers, but I was too bummed to be excited.

                      Just as I was about to throw my phone against the wall, my phone buzzed with a new email. I clicked on it and read it aloud in a mocking voice.

                  "To whomever it may concern, we have realized a mistake in the 'Win a Date With One Direction' Contest and have selected the following Jesa, Walston, as the NEW winner." I jumped up. OH MY GAWD! I WON! I read on, "You have 2 hours to comfirm this message. To comfirm, click the link below." After confirming the message and fan girling for half an hour straight, I called Cheyenne back and gave her the longest winded apology to ever leave my lips.





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