Valentine's Fairytale (Niall Horan fanfic) [1Shot41D]

Valentines Day wishes come true, and second chances happen. Its a competition till the end. Some things are forgotten when Love is found. <3


2. Chapter 2 (1Shot41D)


                            Later that night, my phone blared out the lyrics to 'Live While Were Young' indicating someone was calling me.

                            "Hello?" I answered

                           "Hey, What's up?" Cheyenne replied.

                       At first I was tempted to tell her about the contest and how I had entered, but then I thought about it for a second. If she found out, shw would no doubt go and enter the contest and that would tilt the odds out of my favor. But on second thought, she was my best friend, and she was the one who intraduced me to 1D, so it was only fair, right? No. It's no like she's ever not told me something. So what's the difference? Besides, she always had Caleb.

                        "Nothing much. What about you?"

                        "Same, well Caleb is picking me up later to go see Pitch Perfect with him and his brothers. Called to see if you wanted to come."

                           Oh. My. Gosh. I loved Pitch Perfect. Even though I had already seen it, I would have loved to see it again. Just as I was about to say, 'Heck yeah girl!' A sea a pure guilt drowned my under its waves.

                          "Umm, no, i'm good. But thanks for asking." Besides, I know Cheyenne, she probably wants timealone with her boyfriend.

                           "Is something wrong?" She questioned. "Is it the 'I don't have a date for Valentine's Day' thing again? Cause I can skip the movie and come over with a tub of ice cream."

                           "No, no. Go have fun. But i'll have the ice cream!"

                           Cheyenne laughed. "What am I going to do with you and your never ending stomach? You're just as bad as Niall!"

                             I giggled. I was.

                             "Well anyway, i'm gonna go get ready. Call you later. Bye!" She hung up with me giggling in the background.


                   The first week of February arried as slowly as ever. But the morning of February first, I literally had to check my marked-down calander. Today was the day I would find out if I won the contest!

                    I jumped out of bed and threw on some lounge clothes since it was Saturday, and logged on to my email. After staring for about an hour, I received a text from Cheyenne.

           C: Hey, girl. Whats up?

                     I sighed I know I should've been happy to hear from my best friend, but it only made this whole situation harder. Since I hadn't told her about the contest, there was no way I could talk to her about it. Reluctantly, I typed a response, trying to make it sound happy. But just as I had expected, Cheyenne saw right through my facade.

                     "Whats wrong?" She asked as I answered her call. Damn, she knew me so well.

                     "Why do you assume something is always wtong with me lately?" Low blow. I know, but the faster I get her off the phone, the better.

                      "Because I know you, and something has been up all week. Why won't you tell me?"

                        I bit my lip and thanked god she wasn't here to see it. I know she's my best friend, but I couldn't tell her.She would be pissed off at me. Suddenly my phone chimed. Grinning I said, "Cheyenne, I'll call you back later." Disconnecting, I logged onto my email in a flurry of fast moving fingers and read the message.

                     My jaw dropped. I didn' win. I was to busy thinking about the winning that I hadn't thought about the possibility that I might lose. I burried my face in my hands, wishing I had told Cheyenne so I could call her and complain. A tear slipped into my palm and I took my hands away and looked at it for a moment.

                     Independent. Free. The drop was me. Suddenly, I realized I didn't need some stupid contest to tell me I couldn't meet One Direction. I am going to meet them. And i'm bringing my best friend with me.

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