Valentine's Fairytale (Niall Horan fanfic) [1Shot41D]

Valentines Day wishes come true, and second chances happen. Its a competition till the end. Some things are forgotten when Love is found. <3


1. Chapter 1 [1Shot41D]

          *Authors Note : Sorry this is really long. I just couldnt fit it into 1 whole chappie. Sorry :( plz if you like it fav! Thanks- Skeetey1 *

                            "Ugh, why can't I just get a stupid date?" I mouthed off to my best friend, Cheyenne. It was almost Valentines Day and I still could not get a date. Even Cheyenne had a Valentine, so why can't I?

                           "Because your special and nobody deserves you?" She offered


                           "Oh, not that crap again." I literally groaned inside. Cheyenne always used that as her excuse. When i didn't have a date for Homecoming, it was because I was special. Or when I didn't have a date for the Jingle Bell Ball (JBB) it was because no one deserved me. Well, if that was the case, then i'm getting pretty dang tired of being special.

                    "If your so desperate, why don't you go ask someone?" Now Cheyenne was the one who was exasperated.

                    "I am NOT desperate." A pause. "Maybe a little." Silence. "Okay, i'm desperate. But i'm still not asking anyone."

                    Cheyenne groaned and I could just imagine her rolling her hazel eyes and staring at the ceiling shaking her head slightly.

                      "Jesa, i'm not trying to be rude here, but you need to stop. I mean, listen to yourself. If you want a date, ask someone. It's not rocket science"

                      I plopped down on my bed with a sigh. "If I ask someone, then people WILL think i'm desperate."

                      "Didn't you just admit you were desperate?" She asked.

                      "Yeah, but that dosen't mean that people have to know that! I exclaimed.

                       She laughed hard. So hard a snort only escaped which only made her laugh harder, and eventually I joined in. This is what best friends were for.

                       "Oh, that's Caleb. Got to go! Call you later. Love ya, Jesa!" Then she disconnected. Yep, that's what bestfriends were for alright.

                       Suddenly, all I wanted was a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and to check my tweets while listening to my all time favorite band, One Direction. Popping in the new album, Take Me Home, I blared it on full blast so I could hear it in the kitchen while I fixed my ice cream. It's not like I would disturb anyone. I was home alone.

                       I tucked the tub of ice cream in the microwave for 30 seconds and waited for it to thaw. After about 5 seconds I pulled out my Iphone and logged on to my Twitter page and saw I had 300 new followers. YAY! With 15 seconds left I decided to scroll through some tweets and saw one from Niall Horan that seemed to jump off the page.

                      "Alone for Valentines Day? Enter our  'Win a Date With One Direction' Contest in the link below. Goodluck!"

                          My jaw dropped. It was a miracle! I was still in reading it in shock when the microwave chimed, causing me to jump. Cutting to the chase, I grabbed the bowl out, snatched a table spoon and danced back to my room. Back on my bed, I clicked the link,filled out the questionaire, and entered it. Shoveling a spoonfull of ice cream into my open mouth, I read, "Thank you for entering the 'Win a Date With One Direction' Contest. Your survey has been entered and you wil receive your results the first week of February. We wish you the best of luck!"

                      Squealing, I plowed another spoonfull of ice cream into my mouth. I am SO gonna win this. Then I wouldn't be alone for Valentine's Day after all.



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