Hang In There

For 15 year old Lily, it seemed as if things were going alright when she finally find the perfect guy , but what happens when her family is no longer a family. Can the guy of her dreams deal with the depression.


1. Call Me

                                   I was sitting in my math class, board out of my mind as my teacher droned on and on about equations. I pulled out my jornal and started to doodle, my mind began to wonder. It wasnt until I heard someone calling my name that i was brought back to reality. "Lilly. Heay lilly." I turned around to see Jason Taylors, the guy I have been crushing on for years.

                              He was perfect, he had emerald green eyes and  straight dirty blonde hair that fell perfectly above his eyes. His smile was beautiful and he was so nice not like the other guys at this school.

                   I smiled at him and hhe signaled for me to grab a note. I discreetly reached my arm out careful not to let the teacher see. I retrieved the note and unfolded it. It had his number on and it said to call him. I slightly blushed at the note then folded it back up and tucked it in my pocket. I couldnt wait for class to end so i could talk to him.

                                     For the rest of the day I couldnt concentrate on anything. At lunch I told my friend Tara about she seemed just as excited. "Are you going to call him" I playfully rolled my eyes playfully . " Yeah I guess" she snorted "You will" I was about to answer when i felt a hand on my shoulder I first looked to Tara who looked as if she was trying to hold back a giggle. I let my gaze travel up then i met the eyes of Jason. Suddenly i got really nervous "H-hey Jason" I stuttered. He chuckled in his deep voice. His eyes flashed to Tara and so did mine, she finally got what was going on and left saying she'd give us some privacy.

                        He sat down cooly and grined. I could feel the butterflies arriving in my stomach when he asked if I wanted him to give me a ride home today. To excited to say anything  I nodded with a huge smile on my face, I probably looked like and idiot. He chuckled and said that he'd see me after school.

                             I went to my last class which went my really slow then got my books out of my locker. I walked out to the parking lot not having the slightest clue what kind of car he drove.

                               I stood there probably looking like an idiot, luckily Jason pulled up in his car "Hey princess you coming" he winked. the butterflies are coming back as I got into the car. He had rock music playing softly.  "So how am I supposed to call you if we're in the same car. It kinda defeats the purpose dont you think?' I flirted. He pulled his phone and dialed a number, my phone started to ring and i giggled cause he had dialed my cell "Hello?" I answered "Hey Lilly do you wanna hang out sometime?"n he asked in a mocking voice ? "I would love too!"  I kind of yelled he laughed as he pulled up to my house "Great pick you up at eight". he winked as i got out then he drove off.

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