i missed you

A girl that was best friends with niall from famous boy band One Direction, thinks he forgot about her once he became famous she went with him to his audition and was so happy for him. after all the x factor when he went on tour she never thought she would see him again and that he probably forgot about her but what happens when he comes back home.


3. chapter 3

Cassandras POV

"We have to be a the airport in 30 minutes" niall called from my living room. "ok im almost done". i just finished and now i had all my things i need for the stay in london. i know niall is gonna do great! i walled into the living room and him and his mom were waiting by the door for me and my mom just came down to say good bye and to wish niall good luck. 


I sat beside niall and his mom was sat 3 seats ahead of us. niall and i were talking for a little while and the plane was just starting to take off. i was really tired for some reason so i lay my head on niall's shoulder and he layed his head on top of mine i felt my ears getting heavy and i started to doze off. i was woken by niall whispering in my ear "wake up love we are landing in 10" he said it gave me shivers and made me blush. i looked up at him and got lost in his eyes, every time i look at them i get lost in them they are just so i don't know.. amazing. i got interrupted by niall turning his head away.

Nialls POV 

she was starring in my eyes and i was looking in her eyes. i just wanted to kiss her so bad... i had to WAIT no niall you cant. i had to look away i turned my head and she smiled and blushed. i have to tell her how i feel about her i cant hide it anymore."cassandra i have to tell you something" "of course you can tell me anything!" she said. i took a deep breath.. 

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