i missed you

A girl that was best friends with niall from famous boy band One Direction, thinks he forgot about her once he became famous she went with him to his audition and was so happy for him. after all the x factor when he went on tour she never thought she would see him again and that he probably forgot about her but what happens when he comes back home.


2. chapter 2


Today is the day of the audition and i have been helping niall practice everyday after school and i told him he should audition and he really wanted to.




"niall dont worry about it they are going to love you!" i said "i hope so" he said. i could tell he was nervous. "your up next" some helper said. "good luck niall i know you can do this" i said while going over to give him a hug. "thanks love" he said while hugging me back. "your up" someone said. as he went me and his mom turned to watch him from the screens. he did great and got 4 yes'. he came running off stage super excited. he ran and give his mom a quick hug and then came to me and gave me a long hug."good job i told you they would love you" i said to him. "i know you did! well tomorrow is bootcamp are you gonna come with and watch?" he asked "yes of course" i said. we went to the car and drove back home so niall could pack.

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