i missed you

A girl that was best friends with niall from famous boy band One Direction, thinks he forgot about her once he became famous she went with him to his audition and was so happy for him. after all the x factor when he went on tour she never thought she would see him again and that he probably forgot about her but what happens when he comes back home.


1. chapter 1

Hi my name is Cassandra and i was best friends with niall horan ever since i moved to Ireland from Florida, witch was 6 years ago. my family moved right next door to niall and his family. 


we had just finished packing when there was a knock on the door. "mom someones at the door" i shouted to my mom. she came and opened the door and there stood a boy with blonde hair and brown roots and amazing blue eyes. "Hi my name is Niall" he said. "im Cassandra" I said. Our parents were talking and my mom told me to go upstairs and show niall around.

We were talking for awhile and my mom came upstairs and said "niall your parents are leaving so they want you to come down now". "ok ill be down in a minute". with that me mom walked out of the room and then niall said "it was nice meeting you i guess ill talk to you tomorrow?" "Ok!" i said.

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