Will you be my boyfriend?

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Ash wakes up after a night of drunken debauchery naked...


1. Drunken debauchery


Ashley woke up in his boyfriend's bed at ten thirty six on Sunday the sixth of February with a pounding headache. He smelled bacon through the soft sheets encasing him . He groaned thinking of the previous night.

Most of the party goers had left. Dru was in the corner kissing a girl that none of them knew. The empty bottles of beer and spirits littered the floor and table, and someone had puked in a plastic potted plant. It was a good party.

The covers were pulled back on the other side of the bed, exposing the Stefan-shaped dent in the memory foam mattress. It smelled of him. Ashley rolled into the small depressions where Stef's bum and back had pressed into the covers. Remembering that he was exposed, he sat up, searching the room for his boxers. They were on the floor, of course.

Ashley stumbled over to the record player, putting his left hand on it to steady himself, while the other hand clasped a beer. Stefan looked at him, intrigued, wondering if he looked as bad as this to other designated drivers. Ash's shirt had gone AWOL around the time his tenth drink had and somebody had drawn a smiley face on his stomach with ketchup for inexplicable reasons.
'Listen Stef, I'm a little sad and a lot drunk and I need to tell you something' Ashley slurred.

Ashley rolled to the end of the bed and picked up his boxers. He pulled them on, still lying down, concealing his nakedness. Pushing his bed hair back, he ambled into the corridor, following his nose to the kitchen. Stefan was at the cooker welding a spatula and tending the frying food. He was only wearing an apron.

'Uh-huh?' Stefan said, sipping his tepid coke.
'I- I think I'm love... With you. I love you man. I said it!' He threw his hands up, forgetting that he was carrying a beer and spraying the ceiling with alcohol.
'Thats nice Ash, but I think you're very drunk and we should go home'
'Yes! C'mon, I'll get your coat'
'Im not leaving until you say it back!'

Ashley caught himself staring at Stef's bum but tore his eyes away. Don't be indecent, he thought. He coughed and Stefan whirled around, still holding the spatula. "Umm about last night"
"What about it?" Stefan replied, grinning
"I'm sorry for, well..."

'Not leaving! Please say it pleasepleaseplease! Me being a bit tipsy doesn't make me less in love with you, it just makes me more able to say it... Alcohol is like veritaserum'.
Stefan fetched Ashley's coat, said goodbye to Dru, who didn't look up from his snogging marathon, and dragged Ash out by the hand. They stood outside Stefan's car while he fumbled for his keys and Ashley supported himself on the hood.
'You didn't say it... You didn't say it and you don't love me and I'll be alone forever'
'Ashley Horne, I have loved you since the day I met you' Stefan said, looking up from his task, 'I just wish you had told me sooner and when you're less intoxicated'.

"Don't be sorry. It was great" Stef countered, blushing slightly.
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Stefan put down the spatula and turned off the stove. "So... Do you want to do this? I mean, will you be my boyfriend?"

Stefan found the keys at last and opened the car, first pulling his drunk friend around to the passenger door and then sitting in the drivers seat himself. As they drove, he wondered and hoped Ashley was being sincere. God knows how long he had repressed his feelings for his best friend. Well, no going back now he thought. He arrived at his house and they both got out. Ashley leaned on Stefan and they walked to the front door. This time, he found his keys quickly and they went inside. Ash sat on the sofa while Stefan prepared the guest room. He returned and as he proffered his hand to support his friend Ashley grabbed his waist and dragged him into a kiss. Everything melted away as their lips fused together in the intimate silence. Stefan pushed back and put his hands on Ash's toned chest.
'I love you'
'I love you too'
'You wanna take This upstairs?'
'Fuck yes'.

"I've been waiting to hear that for years. Of course I'll be your boyfriend!" Ashley declared, grabbing Stefan's waist and kissing his neck. He started to undo the apron.

"You wanna take this upstairs?"
"Fuck yes".


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