All To Well [Niall Horan]

Lips pressed to another girl's neck, his arms enveloping her, mummering against her pulse. The times that they had spent together vanished, leaving her with past dark memories. The girl's arms pressing him harder against her. It was a scene Samantha Baker knew all too well.


1. Prologue.

I knew the scene all too well. His lips pressed to another girl's neck, the distant memories of our happiness, the smiling, vanishing into thin air. That feeling of pure happiness.. gone. It was a scene I knew all too well. 

I pressed my back against the wall, silent sobs shaking my body. I wasn't good enough for him. He wanted to be the boy who dated models, singers, superstars, not some average girl from Australia. He was the best boyfriend a girl could've had, he could keep you laughing, keep you smiling.

But seeing him with Demi Lovato once again broke my heart. He promised he wouldn't cheat on me, he promised he wouldn't break my heart, cause he knew about my past relationships. I guess it meant nothing to him.

"Sam, baby?" the familiar accent of him rang out through the flat. My back straightened, and I blinked away my tears. 

"I-In here, Ni." My voice cracked at the end of the sentence. Damn you, hormones. 

"Are you crying?" he asks, shrugging off his coat and sliding down beside me. I didn't respond, but threw the magazine to his lap. 

His hand grasped the sides, his beautiful blue orbs scanning the words. 'NIALL HORAN AND DEMI LOVATO? WHAT HAPPENED TO SAM, NIALL?' His eyes snapped to me, before he placed the magazine beside him. 

"Sam, I can explain." he stuttered. 

"I think I've heard enough," I snarled, standing up. Niall grasped my elbow, trying to pull me down beside him. I shook my head, snatching it back. 

"I'm done with your games, Niall James Horan," I grumbled, grabbing my suitcase, and stuffing my clothes inside. 

"Sam, baby please," he whimpered  pathetically. I ignored his pleads, continuing to place my clothes inside. The sniffles came from him were silenced, as the beeping from his phone activated. My eyes snapped to it, seeing the name 'Demi<33' flash on his screen. 

"A heart, huh? Why don't you give her yours." I spat, grabbing my suitcase, and walking out of the house. 






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- Kaylie x

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