Its never to late to try

Bella was an ordinary girl.she was in high school and her best friend was niall horan. Bella always thought of him as a funny, cute blonde irish kid. Nialls always had a crush on Bella and he hasnt told her yet. Hes falling for her hard. what happens when Niall auditions for the x-factor and becomes famous. Will they lose connection from each other or will niall keep contact with her and tell her he loves her? Read to find out


6. The x factor

Bellas POV
when i woke up i looked at the calender and saw that it was the day of nialls audition.
I raced out of bed and grabbed a pair of blue skinny jeans and a black v-neck.when i left the house i got a text from niall.
"Hey todays my audition u gonna be there to watch?"
"Of course i am,ill be there in about 20 or 25 min"
"Ok bye love u"
"Love u to bye"
I got into my car and drove to the auditorium were the auditions are held.then i went backstage.
"Mam who are u here for?" The sercrutity man said
" Niall horan"
"Right over there" he pointed to were niall was.
I ran to him.
"Are u nervous?" I asked
"Alittle but im more excited than nervous." He stated
" good because i know youll do great."
Five minutes later simon called niall.
"Ok niall what are u going to sing for us today."
"With you,by chris brown."
"Whenever your ready." He said and niall began.
When he finished i felt like crying because he sang so it was time for the judging. He got two yeses and one no. Although i was disappointed he got one no but other than that i was happy because he passed.
"Thank you" and with that he ran off stage. I gave him a huge hug and kissed him
"U did amazing" i told him
"Thanks" he said blushing. After that we went home.
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