Its never to late to try

Bella was an ordinary girl.she was in high school and her best friend was niall horan. Bella always thought of him as a funny, cute blonde irish kid. Nialls always had a crush on Bella and he hasnt told her yet. Hes falling for her hard. what happens when Niall auditions for the x-factor and becomes famous. Will they lose connection from each other or will niall keep contact with her and tell her he loves her? Read to find out


2. The exciting news

When we came back from reading i was heading to lunch and thought that was the perfect time to ask Niall what i have been waiting to ask for a long time because hes had that smile on his face all day.
"Niall....can i ask u something?" I asked

"Yea sure anything." He said
He awkardly poked my cheek when he finished and i giggled.

"Why are u so happy.....well i mean you've had that smile on your all day!"

He started to blush and finally decided to tell me.

"Ok so i have decided that im going to audition for the x-factor!"

"OMG NIALL IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!" I said practically screaming.
"Oh my god niall ill give u full support" i said

I jumped up and gave him a huge hug.
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