Its never to late to try

Bella was an ordinary girl.she was in high school and her best friend was niall horan. Bella always thought of him as a funny, cute blonde irish kid. Nialls always had a crush on Bella and he hasnt told her yet. Hes falling for her hard. what happens when Niall auditions for the x-factor and becomes famous. Will they lose connection from each other or will niall keep contact with her and tell her he loves her? Read to find out


4. Game night

When we finished playing i was on the couch sitting next to niall.I looked at the time and saw that it was already 11:00 at night.I was so tired i fell asleep on nialls shoulder.when i woke up the next day i realized that i wasnt on the couch no more.I was on my bed.I heard the tv so i walked into the living room and cecelia was watching tv.
"Where did u come from?" I asked
"No where i spent the night" she said
"Oh so how did i get in my bed last night if i was on the couch?"
"Oh niall saw that u fell asleep on his shoulder and he didnt want to wake u so ge just carried u to ur room." She stated
"Oh"I said and started to blush alittle.
"Ooooooo bella has a crush.Bella and niall sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G." She chimed
"Oh shut it" i told her
She gave me a hurt looked but i ignored her.
Wow did he really do that i thought.
Nialls POV
I saw that bella fell asleep on my shoulder.awwww she looks so adorable when shes sleeping i thought. I didnt want to wake ger up so i carried her to her bed room.
Nialls POV
When i woke up i went to brush my teeth.when i was done i went into the kitche to make something to eat. I decided on some pancakes. I was wondering if bella was awake so i texted her. "Hey u awake!" A minute later i got a text from her.
"Yea wats up?"
"Meet me at the park in ten minutes."
"Ok meet cha there bye"
I knew that would be the perfect time to tell her that i love her.
Ten minutes later i was walking to the park and i saw bella on a swing.i sat on the one next to her.
"Hey wats up?" She asked
"Ummmmm....errrrr....uhhhhh...i like u." I said really fast and didnt even think she understood me.
"What?" She asked confused
I decided that i should just spit it ou already.
"Bella i like u"i finally said
She looked shocked. What if she doesnt fell the same way. So many thoughts were running through my mind.
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