Its never to late to try

Bella was an ordinary girl.she was in high school and her best friend was niall horan. Bella always thought of him as a funny, cute blonde irish kid. Nialls always had a crush on Bella and he hasnt told her yet. Hes falling for her hard. what happens when Niall auditions for the x-factor and becomes famous. Will they lose connection from each other or will niall keep contact with her and tell her he loves her? Read to find out


7. Finally

         Nialls POV

"so do u want to be my girlfri-" i didnt get to finished because she answered right away.

"yes" she smiled and we kissed again

"do u want to head back now?"

"yea i think we should"

As were heading back i have my arm around her shoulder. I cant believe it bella is finally my girlfriend! We get to my flat and we lay on the couch watching toy story 3. And out of no where liam burst into the room shouting.


He pretends to cry so we invite him to watch tv with us. He sits down on the other couch extremely happy to see the movie. Bella soon falls asleep so i carry her to my room and lay her on my bed. I walk back down stairs and grab a bag of potato chips and sit back down to finish the movie. I get sleepy so i go upstairs to grab a pillow and a blanket and head back downstairs. I flop down on the  couch. I slowly drift off asleep thinking about bella and smiling.


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