My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


14. the stage

Then people started crowded around me and asking me if I'm okay. I just stayed silent and then Celina came up to Harry who is in shock in front of me. Celina had tears in her eyes and was shocked,she shouted,"Harry calm down! How could u do this to Aaron?He was just lending me his jacket because it was raining hard yesterday and I was wearing a white colored shirt! I cant believe that you dont trust me enough..." 

 I struggled myself up with some of the staff helped me. I looked at Celina and said,"Its okay celina, he just happen to misunderstood it happens sometime. Forgive him." I smiled trying to look like im fine. 

Harry started looking at Celina with puppy eyes and Celina muttered,"fine". Harry's face lit up and went over to help me up. When he reached out his hand to me,I went to take it though as soon as it touched,he moved away. He looked at me and asked,"Why are you so hot?Do you have a fever or something man?" 

I looked away and asked one of the staff who happens to be a student at a medical field to help me remove the glass right away because the concert is starting in a hour. At first he wasnt so sure,but I quickly forced him to remove the glass that hit my arm. While he was removing the glass, both harry and Celina was nagging me about the fever. The medical student just finished removing the glass and said,"You should take a rest, your fever has gone very high, and also when you are injured and sick your immune system will be very busy."

I just glare at him and said,"Bandage me up, you guys don't tell the other two Ken and Darren or I wont consider you as a friend anymore okay?" Both Celina and Harry slowly nodded. 

When I got into the dressing room,I was already dressed in the concert clothes.

I walked to the stage and then the roar of the crowd was loud and cheering.I smiled and I knew I made the right choice of not leaving and leaving my fans disappointed. The music started and then the whole place of people became quiet and then the only thing going was the music that played softly and soon a voice joined in and  then became louder and louder.

When the last note died out the fans cheered loud that a person from the other side of the world can hear the cheers of the amazing fans. When the lights closed and then we left the hand it was feeling very numb. I barley can hold up my guitar and then my head..its so dizzy and it feels like a thumping on the left side of my head.I looked at the floor and thought how well would it be to give up now..but then I remember Zayn,the promise. Then Darren grabbed my arm,he said,"Are you okay?You looked like you were ganna fall. Oh damn your temperature!"

I shook his hand off me,"I'm fine, got to go see ya later."I started running before anyone realizes or try to stop me from leaving.

I walked out and it was pouring...again.I slowly walked with my half conscious mind and slowly walked near the meeting place. I had this bad feeling that I should have left,but I decide to look if Zayn stayed there.

I did saw Zayn there...but he was with Perrie there too and their lips were touching.

The moment I saw mind stoppped working and my world became dark 

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