My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


4. starting off

The night of that i cried myself to sleep and told myself that I will forget about all of the pain that he brought me. Though I spend the evening siding with him then against him over and over. A month as passed as that happened, I applied for tryouts but none of them accept me. I have failed 15 auditions and tomorrow will be my 16th audition. I know that I will fail but, someone once told me "Keep trying and one day you will be surprised." 

I took my guitar around my shoulders and climbed to my favorite tree and I started singing the song that I wrote but nobody heard before.  All of the auditions required high pitch singing which is my worst point. As I sang instead of thinking, I just sang as if the words flow right out of me. Through the song I closed my eyes and replayed the time with Zayn over and over again.Instead of tearing up and stopping, this time I let the music showed my thoughts.

When the final note of the song finished, there was suddenly clapping and I looked down from the branch I was on and realized that a crowd had gathered when I sang. I jumped down and said"Thank you for listening! Wish me luck at the audition today!".I walked away as the crowd started dismissing itself. I walked away and suddenly someone grabbed me on the shoulder and asked "Are you the guy that sang that song!?" I turned around pissed and asked"I have long hair do I look like a guy?" The guy looked at me and said " can pass for a.... Come with me you want to be a singer don't you?" I nodded and then asked "How do I know if you are scamming to me or not?" He showed me his business card and I was shocked and asked "You are from the company Galaxy?" Galaxy is one of the most popular company that publish bands. 

He led me inside a car and to the building of the company. He took me to a room where the nameplate outside said chairman. I  stand there nervously as I wait and the only sound was the clock ticking. Then a person came through the door. She was tall and seems like one of those strict teachers in school with her hair in a bun with glasses in a suit. She sat in the chair and asked the guy " Hey David what is this girl doing here?" He smiled and said" I want her in the band Fallen Angels." She looked confused for a moment and asked" Explain yourself, isn't Fallen Angels a all--" He cut her sentence and said"Hear her sing and then make your decision please." David singled me to sing and I closed my eyes and played the song on the tree in the same way as if I was all alone.  

When the last note for the song finished for the second time today, I opened my eyes to see a smile on the "strict teacher's" face. She said"Well David, I can tell you that this is a rare finding and I will allow her to join. But if she gets find out than you will know what will happen to the band right?" He nodded as if he already knew that this will be the result. 

She handed me the contract and told me that this was the company contract and told me where to sign. I smiled and I signed where I should without any attention to the words on the contract that will soon later come and haunt me as a punishment" She told me" Okay you signed the contract and if you break the contract that you will be blacklisted from the entertainment business okay?" I smiled and nodded cant believe that I actually got a contract with the company Galaxy! 

Then she singled to David to tell me something. For a moment he looked uneasy then told me " The band you signed your contract for is an all boys band."

The three words repeated in my mind over and over again "All boys band.."

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