My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


5. now or never

I looked at david and shook my head I said,"David..I can't I cant to this..."

David looked at me confused then said, "Why? Isnt this everything you wanted? I remember you saying that you didn't get accepted to many of the auditions. Do you know why? Because you audition for the wrong part.Besides what other group would give you the role of the lead singer?"

I thought for a while and I replied"Okay I'll do it. But will the other members accept me?"

David smiled brightly and said"Now you are getting down to business! Okay there is only one condition for the guys to accept you as one of them which is to sing a song for them and see if they liked it. If they agreed to it than we can publish that as one of your singles which will help both you and the band gain popularity in the world got it?"

From that day on I had been writing songs and practicing them every night and day. When it was time to record I just closed my eyes and transferred my hatred of loving Zayn. I didnt mention his name but the story and the flow of betrayal was deep in the song that i poured out. When the last word flowed out of my voice, I saw the people that were recording, they were crying and just spacing off. When they came back to the world, David came in and ask me what would I want to call the album. Before I can think anything about it My Dream Girl came out of my mouth.

Those three words remind me of the pain and I closed my eyes holding back the tears that were left in my soul. They released My Dream Girl album i hope that the public liked my song and was at least on the top 500 songs, maybe that is too high for a beginner like me to dream of,but reach high and you will never know what will happen. The band approved my voice and few days later I was suppose to meet them at a certain studio.

When the video came out, the results were too shocking. I was one of the top 10 songs listened worldwide. I was so happy I couldn't find anything to say but cry tears of joy.This put me in a good mood to meet my band members. The day arrived and I walked to the studio and I signed in and walk my way to the room. When I was walking I saw him, I saw Zayn just casually walking down the hallway.I couldn't help myself but to call out Zayn. 

He turned around and our eyes make contact as he walk towards me. I thought to myself," There is no way he found out now could he? If he knows that this is me than I will forgive him for everything that he is done and I will stop this revenge thing. Though if he forgets who I am, I will never forgive him...never over my dead body."

Zayn walked closer and closer and said"Hi,are you new here? Would you like my autograph or something?"

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