My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


15. hospital bed

I woke up to the faint scent of lavender flower. I felt a warm hand on my side. I slowly open my eyes to see Zayn sitting there and holding my hand. My other hand that was bleeding before was in a cast and there was a iv needle in it. He looked soundly asleep as i move my hand out of his grip. Even though I was still dizzy I helped myself up. Then a nurse came in and smiled. She whispered,"Your boyfriend was very worried about you! He carried you here in the middle of the night! He must love you very much.He's been by your side not sleeping for 2 days. You were having a high fever and would'nt wake up. I'm glad that he finally decides to sleep."

 Tears started to roll down my face. Why does it has to be you? Do you love me stop getting me confused! I collapse to the floor wondering what should I do. In that moment I saw my mom rush in. For a moment I was confused. Wasn't my mom somewhere in another country doing her business work or something? She came up to me and hugged me so tight that I felt like I might run out of air and collapse again. She said" Don't ever scare me like that again." I looked at her coldly "Isnt your work more important than me? You only come to me when I'm near deaths bed." She did something that I never expect she smacked me for the first time. She hit me a few times when I was young but she never smacked me before. I wipe away my tears with my arm and I smile and said," you don't even know what your daughter is doing on days that your not ---" I was cut off by a rough hand though it has a warm feeling to it. I remember this hand that kept me secure for a long time. Zayn's deep voice said " Forgive her she still has a fever and a broken arm." My mom... No the lady got up and smacked Zayn and shouted"Get away from her. Don't even touch her!!!

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