My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


16. his past

"MOM STOP IT" I shouted,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She was shocked that I was shouting for a moment and asked,"Young lady do you know about his background?" Time paused for a moment there and I realize I dont know anything about him, he never told me anything about his life,his parent, or anything. I guess Zayn saw the hesitation in my eyes. Tears fight to come out but only a mumble came out of my mouth, "Not surprised he hid many other things from me as well..." 

I look at my mom and said," Okay mom since you know so much about him...more than some crazy fan of him does...tell me about his background and tell me about it."

My mother started out,"Okay his family is one of the powerful family in the world, but is controlled by that snotty princess perrie edwards? Yeah so without them his family would have not been what it was now, so they needed him and the only way for that was if the two got married.So they were engaged and stuff but that dosnt matter. The most important thing is that thoese two together holds too much stock and power in the world if combined after all they learned from the worst."

I stared at my mother wondering who she was, but then again I realize that I dont know what she does for a living...

She continued on,"The real reason I'm against this is because your father left us because of them. Destiny get your mind straight out he is not who you think he is please believe me."

 The only part I heard was that my father left us because of them..What?...Does that mean that he is my half brother? Damn my life is shit... But then I looked at Zayn and realize we were about the same age and that cant happen right because my birthday is in October and if the his mom got pregnant with him it take six months... my head started spinning and I looked at Zayn's sparking eyes and beg for an answer or a denial would be fine. One single word that claim that its a lie I would take it. I looked and him and Zayn's deep voice remain silent... 


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