My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


9. chapt.9

Zayn was troubled and said,"No...It isnt like that!Aaron you dont know anything about me. You dont understand me you got no rights to judge me."

Annoyed I quickly shot back,"Than who can judge you?Destiny? She ran away because you left her and was cheating on her with another girl!"

Zayn was quiet for a moment and then quietly he asked, "Why would Destiny tell you everything about what happen between us? What are you to--"

Ken quickly cut in and said,"Lets have a welcome party for Aaron! After all you are our lead singer and you need to protect your voice. Darren where would you suggest to eat?"

Zayn and I both became quiet while Darren looked around and said,"Sushi..."

Ken smiled and said,"Alright lets go eat some sushi tonight celebrating the new member!"

I looked at Ken and apologize, "I'm sorry Ken...just not today. Some other time?" Ken just nodded. I looked at Zayn one last time before I left and I wondered What was the truth? I stare into his eyes and asked ,"Would you tell her what happen again if Destiny appeared?"

Zayn looked back into my eyes,"If I see her again I will tell her everything. I am a man of my words. If you know where Destiny is please tell her that I will be waiting for her at the tree at the tree at the same a week form today. I think that should be enough time for her to think if she wants to come."

I looked at him and said," That depends on if she let me find her in the first place."

I left the room as quick as possible before I expose myself.

------------------------------at the room------------------------------------------

Zayn looked at the door as Aaron just left and collapse on the chair. He turned to Ken and said,"Hey is it just me or his looks amazing....kinda like her eyes...but stronger."

Ken stared at Zayn and said,"What? Eyes? Are you going nuts? You were going to beat him up and now you are admiring at how he looks?"

Darren interrupted,"Ken it does look amazing...his grey eyes with light brown hair. If you look closely he kinda looks like a girl."




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