My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


18. chap 18

I thought in my mind oh sugar honey ice tea... Harry looked at me with confusion and asked "how do you know my girlfriend not even the paparazzi know about me and celina." Then I thought of something and quickly said, "Aaron told me about her. We're pretty close you know?"I felt like as if I lost three years of life during that mini heart attack.Zayn looked uncomfortable after I mentioned Aaron and he got up and offered, " I'm going out to buy food anyone else want to come with me?" Everyone offered to go well everyone except for Darren. When everyone left and their voices died down Darren slowly walked to the bed.

I smiled and asked " why didnt you went with them?" Darren didn't say anything got closer to me and stopped when he was three inches away. I could hear his steady breathing and smelled the cologne that he used. For some reason my heart beat started going faster and my voice came out rushing "Darren too--" He did the least expected thing I expect him to do. His lips was pressed against mine and for the first few seconds I try to resist but then I don't know why I stopped trying to push Darren away and kissed him back. We continued kiss but the reason why I know deep down, I wanted to escape reality for now. Darren was my ticket to wonderland. Darren's kiss makes my mind go blank and let him take over my body.

Then we heard the door opening and someone walked in and cleared their voice. Darren must have not heard the door opening but heard the voice. He quickly stop kissing me and backed up.Darren quickly turned his blue eyes away. I looked at who opened the door annoyed that made Daren back. It turned out it was the nurse. The same nurse that called Zayn my boyfriend before. Now she was looking at me full of disgust. She came in and change the iv bag thing. Before she left she lean towards me and said "get your mind straight stupid girl"

Darren was looking out the window as if nothing had happened. When the nurse left Darren became unmute and mumbled "sorry..." It's just that you look like someone that I love. He disappeared and it hurts not knowing what happen to him." I was stunned and had nothing to say, but I asked "who is that guy?" Darren walk and stopped next to my bed, "your eyes it looks the exact same like him. He also had the same small scar on his index finger.So I accidentally mistaken you for him.. I'm sorry..." After that I had a pretty good idea who it is but I asked just to make sure and I asked, "Is it Aaron?"

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