Don't Go...

Ivory is dating Harry Styles. And that might seem great, but it is not. They go through rough patches, but when Harry messes up big time, will he get her back?


1. Hello!

Hello! My name is Ivory Wilson. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair, green eyes and tan skin. My parents didn't have enough money to care for me so they dropped me at a home for the little children.  I work at a bakery. You might know it as the one Harry Styles worked at. Yup. I want to own a little bakery one day. And have a nice, big family. Right now, I have boyfriend. His name? Harry. Harry Styles. The boy from One Direction. We met at the bakery and hit it off. He and I have been dating for one year today. After work, I am meeting him at the park for a "surprise". Well, I have a surprise of my own. That is all you need to know for now. Buh-bye!





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