Don't Go...

Ivory is dating Harry Styles. And that might seem great, but it is not. They go through rough patches, but when Harry messes up big time, will he get her back?


2. Daydream

     I punched out. "Bye! see you all later!" I called. As I left my workplace, I smiled. Today was my one year anniversary with Harry.  To celebrate, I had changed into a nice flower dress. I wore little make up. 

     Harry said to head to the park, only a block away from the bakery. I walked. As I walked, my mind turned to the park. It had a flower garden that you could walk through and a lake where you could swim. We wouldn't be swimming because it was night.

     The park also had a tower. It was 15 feet high and made of stone. It had stairs inside that lead to the top. The rails were thin and flimsy. It was dedicated to a little boy who loved to build towers.Why am I telling you this, you ask? Because it is very important for later

     I dreamed as I walked about how Harry would react toy the news. Would he be happy? Or sad? Or angry? I didn't know. As I walked by people, they probably thought I was stuck in my daydream.


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