Always In Your Arms

Six friends start a new school year and to their surprise, they are in a mixed-gender wing, with the new guys. Once they all meet, will they be together forever, or will misunderstanding and lies tear them apart?


2. Who Knows?

*Madide's POV*

So, in our hallway, there is Rachel, Kailee, Abi, Brianna, Kayla, and Me. Then there are the 3 boys rooms. Kailee and Rachel apparently met two already, but we were going to meet all of them tonight. We were going to go to a "Introduction Dinner" with the boys. Rachel yelled, " I have dibs on the blonde one." Wow Rachel, you always have to have first claim. I probably wont find anyone, i'm always forever alone.



Sorry it was so short, but this chapter needed to happen first. Follow me @luebke_13 on twitter for updates on all of my fanfics. :D Luv Ya Directioner Babes

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