Always In Your Arms

Six friends start a new school year and to their surprise, they are in a mixed-gender wing, with the new guys. Once they all meet, will they be together forever, or will misunderstanding and lies tear them apart?


1. The Beggining


Just a warning, this is going to replace Same Mistakes, which I am going to wrap up in the next week-ish. This one is a lot more fun anyways, a lot less drama at once lol :). Follow me on twitter( @luebke_13) to know when I update :D.  Peace, Love, and Unicorns. Cya.



*Maddie's POV*

Me, Rachel, and Kailee go up and check the freshmen rooming charts. We know that one of us is going to be with someone else. I hope it isn't me, I don't do well with new people. " Yes!" Rachel and Kailee yell, they roomed together. Great. Well, I'm with this girl named Kayla. I've never been friends with her, but I don't think she will be too bad.

*Rachel's POV*

" Yay Kailee! I'm so excited the we're together." We got really close last year because of Maddie, but now she must feel left out. Too bad that there is only two in a room. We dump our stuff off in our room and decide to see who else is in our hallway. We run straight across the hallway and knock on the door. As someone opens the door, I am amazed. He is quite attractive. "Hey, are you across the hall?" That Irish accent melted my brain, so Kailee responded. " Yea, who is your roommate?" "Me!" Another attractive guy walks up. How many were there? " I'm Niall and this is Zayn." Kailee wasn't thinking straight, " Uhm...okay. Talk to you later." She grabbed my arm and we walked away. We shut the door to our room and scream. We could get used to them. All of a sudden the door opens, " You girls okay?!?!?!" It was Niall and Zayn...oops. I had to cover us, " It was a spider. We got it. Thanks." " Okay, well see you later love" Zayn replied winking at Kailee. Well, this would be a fun year.

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