kissing u

17 year old harper isnt the most popular girl at school but one day when she meets the new kid her life will be changed forever


10. chapter 4

 Harper's P.O.V

We were on our way to the park and when we got there we just sat there and talked about ourselfs. I learned that Niall was ain a band called one direction, I recognize that name from somewhere but he told me he had 4 other guys in the band with him and that they would goin us soon. "Oh there they are " he said.And then 4 kinda cute boys walked over to us and we all sat down and then Louis screamed "TRUTH OR DARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and every one agreed and we got a bottle from the store and louis spun it and it landed of Niall and then louis asked"Truth or dare" and Niall said "Dare" Louis said "I dare you to kiss Harper on the lips for 10 seconds." Then Niall walked over to me and kissed me on the lips it was amazing and then I kissed back and after 5 seconds the kiss got more intense and then after 10 second we didn't stop and at 15 seconds everyone was screaming "Get a room "Then we broke apart and I just snuggled up to him and after another 10 minutes of truth of dare they all lefft and then Niall took me back to my house and said "I will call you tomorrow.Good night" 

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