kissing u

17 year old harper isnt the most popular girl at school but one day when she meets the new kid her life will be changed forever


6. chapter 3

I was walking down the hall with Liam going to the lunch hall when we ran into Niall and he looked like he was thinking really hard so I asked him "What you thinkin about Nialler" but I said "Nialler" quietly so no one would notice. And he just said "The day".So I left it at that and we walked into the lunch hall and found Harry and Zayn just sitting there waiting for us.

Niall's P.O.V

I just looked over the whole lunch room in search to find her. I FOUND HER!!!!!!! She was just sitting there all alone. I guess I was staring because then louis said" OWHHH I think kNialler here is in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I just got up and went to sit with her. I walked up to the table she was at and asked her if I could sit with her. I found myself doing that alot.She let me "What is your name?" I asked. "Harper" she replied. "And yours" she said. "Well don't tell anyone but my name is Niall." I replied and the rest of the conversation just followed.

Louis' P.O.V

 I looked over and saw Niall talking to a girl.They looked happy.

Harper's P.O.V 

He asked me to go to the park with him tomorrow.........................

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