kissing u

17 year old harper isnt the most popular girl at school but one day when she meets the new kid her life will be changed forever


3. chapter 1

   It's the first day of school this year.I walk into the school and get pushed around alot. Well this is normal for me. I got to my first class and sat at the seat in the back corner of the room and just got all of my stuff ready for the day when a boy came up and asked if he could sit next to me he had a hat on and his hood was up and he had sunglasses on and we were inside he also had a Irish accent that would just make you melt. Well I was stunned that he wanted to sit by me, I guess he was like me and didn't like being noticed. So I just motioned to the seat next to me.He sat down and the lesson started.When the lesson ended I walked to the next lesson then the same boy came over to me and asked if he could sit next to me.I said yes again. Why does this boy want to sit with me?............

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