kissing u

17 year old harper isnt the most popular girl at school but one day when she meets the new kid her life will be changed forever


11. Ask her already

Niall's P.O.V

She is so beautiful and when we kissed last night I saaw fireworks. I love her so much. The boys are all telling me to just ask her of already, all of them but Zayn which was odd.But I decided I would ask ger tonight after dinner. I will take her out to dinner the take her to the secret garden my mom and I flound when I was younger and we would sit under the waterfall and I will ask her out.I hope she says yes. I phoned her up and our conversation went like this:

N=Niall H= Harper

* Ring,Ring*

H- Hello

N-Morning beautiful


N-Wanna go out to dinner later

H-Sure. When should I be ready

N- 5 I'll see you then

H- bye

See you beautiful

*end of phone call*

Yes she will come!

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