Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


1. Whispers of the Past



I took a deep breath and stepped into the class.

My heart raced, as I scanned the room for my two friends, Emily and Audrika. I was the shy girl, staying away from strangers and playing nice. Once we became friends, I was able to open up and be myself. Emily and Audrika were two of the people that could access that side of me. The crazy side.

I looked at Audrika, as if to say `What do I do now?'

She shrugged and turned away. Of course, she had the ability to make new friends in a week or so, I would take a month. Well, that’s what I thought. But this was AcTal, we were all accepted because we were alike to each other, or different from everybody else.

I think now that its both.

When I first met the Gr. 5  AcTal class of Greystone Heights, I thought that they were normal. I realize now that I was far off. This class was special, and I`ll tell you the ups and downs of it, and my friend Mira as well.

Before I tell you how those 29 people changed my life, you should hear what it was like before I met them. It was Mira`s last day at Greystone Heights.

I guess my idea was to just pretend nothing happened, because that day I never acted different than before. I guess Mira was planning on spending every moment enjoyed. At the end of the day, I hugged her one last time and put on my boots.

As I steeped outside, I was welcomed by the bitter cold. I shivered and walked down the cracked path to the teachers parking lot, climbing over the fence by standing on the huge piles of snow.

As I pulled my bag over, I picked up sounds of a car. Hopping down from the snow, I ran to the thin strip of land by the building. The grass was covered in a layer of snow, making it easier to avoid the dog droppings. I didn't hear any cars, so I jumped down onto the thing road from the main road to the parking lot. 


It was peaceful, to know you walked right in the middle of the street, staring at the beauty of nature around you. My ears picked up the sound of a car, and I raced to the end and onto the edge of the schoold lawn. I leaned against the building on my right. To my left and around me were big pine trees, and shadowy corners. Behind me was the parking lot, and to the left of the lot, the road leading to the teachers parking. 

I sat down on a log and twiddled with some snow covered pinecones, remembering moments I had with Mira.


 "No thanks" she said, sitting on the bed. I shrugged and got up. It was our first sleepover, second grade. We had stayed up, because, well, its a sleepover. I had crouched down on the ground just behind the chest to see the big flat-screen in the living room. I sat on the bed beside her and we laid down and talked. Talked and talked and talked.

"My tummy hurts" she said, around 11'o clock. I got up and remembered something.

"Pretend we went to sleep and you woke up because it hurt, okay?" I made up a coverup for our all-night talking spree. She nodded and went back to the living room.


I smiled at the memory and threw the pinecone away, finding the rock hidden between the shed and the building. I out on the ground before me and sat down on a low-lying branch on a tree. 



"You're kidding?" I told Mira and Manette as they checked their desk. Mira shook her head no, "This is the book. Its all of the worlds we have to go through" she explained. It was a small, homemade, pamphlet, inside there were drawing os maps of odd lands. I sighed. I had nothing else to do this recess. 

We went out the back door, onto the slope leading to a circular field, the slope at the bottom, the Big Hill covering most of the left and upper parts, the right was the road to the teachers lot, and there was a small opening at the lower left corner, where it opened onto the rest of the school grounds.


"Eyeball land!" Manette said, looking at the book with Mira. First grade, playing some superhero princess games I hated. "Eyeball land?" I asked her. She nodded.

"Everythings made of eyeballs" Mira said.
"So the ground, the trees, our clothes...."

""Ewww!" Manette screamed, running away. I laughed and followed her and Mira  to the Big Hill..



There was a whisper of the flashback on my face, when I returned to the present. I saw a black car zoom past. I jumped down from my hidey hole, and wef=dged the rock between the shed and building, running to the car.


I glanced back one more time before running off

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