Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


5. Tied Together With A Smile

**I know its a Tswizzle song, but the title suits the mood. So if you read it and are confused, then last chapter of Ria, I said there are three main stories about how we four grew closer together. These are the four stories, I forgot Amra.



"Yeah" I agreed with Ahana.

We were at Raj's house. Raj is a bit older than us, and has a little brother, and is quite annoying. Me and Ahana were inside alone, Raj was in his room, and the parents were looking at the backyard, since they had just moved into the house.

"Come on, lets go see the wifi password" I said.
"In the basement?" Ahana asked. The basement wasn't quite finished, but it would hold. Ahana's brother spun around us then, his arms were out."I'm an airplane!" he shouted, zooming around the place crazily. Well, all little kids are crazy. Ahana was a year younger than me, and so was Oishi, but she was moving to Regina. 

"No, its on the  roof" I said sarcastically, starting down the stairs, the carpet on them was beige and rough."Of course we're going downstairs!" We headed down the stairs and into the basement. Ahana followed and so did her little brother. "Deepak! Go back upstairs!" she scolded. He flew down the stairs, "I'm an airplane!"

Ahana sighed and I rolled my eyes. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, we looked around. To the right was a hall leading to different rooms, and to our left it opened into an empty space. We stepped carefully into the space. Under the stairs, we found a little storage room with a lightbulb that turned on when you pulled the chain. 

Deepak went into it and sat down, fiddling with some toy. I smiled, "Hey, look, its Deepak Potter!" we laughed. We left Deepak in the storage room and wandered to the other side, it was dark. "I know, lets tell scary stories"

"One time, me, Pushpita, Oishi,  and Othoi were playing hid and seek in the dark, when I got strangled" she said. I looked around the room for the box that would lead me to internet freedom, "Strangled?" I asked. She nodded, though it was almost too dark to make out. 

"Yeah. I was hiding in the basement in the dark when I couldn't breathe. When e turned on the lights, no one was there" she explained. I shrugged, there was no such thing as ghosts. "My turn. Once there were two boys, they were having a sleepover" I said, hoping to scare the younger girl. 

'Found it!" I said. "What?!" Ahana asked, I laughed. "The password" I look at the screen and selected the right network. "There were no parents at the house" I continued, finished. I backtracked towareds the stairs, and darkness, making my voice eerie. I could tell she was scared. 

"The two boys went into the basement-" I screamed and ran away from the stairs. I heard laughing. "Raj" I muttered. I had been scared, remembering a horror movie I watched when I was seven, two years ago, Michael Myers IIII: THe Return of Halloween or something like that. 

"You should've..." Ahana said, laughing. I rolled my eyes, "Ha ha, guys. Very funny" I said with a smile on my face.



The doorbell rang. 

Someone went to answer it. I leaned back into the coush, tapping to play Happy Jump. Happy Fall was better, but Happy Jump had more characters and accessories to buy. I died again. Sighing, I gave my iPod to my mother. When I looked up I saw...............................................Pushpita. 


I can't believe how happy I was. A friend! We had all gotten closer since Beeva and Oishi and Mira left. I smiled at her, she smiled back. Thats what holds us together. When I smiled with Raj and Ahana, when I was smiling watching the video me, Oishi, Othoi, Deep, and Raj had made, smiling  at Pushpita, Pushpita smiling at me.


Friendship is tied together with a smiled.



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