Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


2. The Last Day


I have some news. I'm moving. To another province. Ontario. I'm going to Brantford, Ontario. Right now I'm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This is my last day at Greystone Heights School. Well, I'm on my way.


"Hey, Mira, wait up!" I heard someone call my name. I turned around. My best friend Ria came running up to me. "OMG! This is your last day, isn't it?" She asked breathlessly. Her curly black danced around her shoulders and her brown eyes were huge. I nodded miserably. If there was one person I was going to miss, it was Ria. I've known forever.

We walked in silence until we reached the school.

I was scared. This was my last day! Lucky for me the bell hadn't rung yet.

I wandered around the grounds, taking in my surroundings for the last time. It was so beautiful here.

Ria had vanished. You'd think she'd stay with her best friend on her last day.

Then it hit me. She must be setting up her goodbye party for me. She's been planning it with some of our other friends for a while now. I haven't been allowed to come near them.

Ha! I can bet you it'll be amazing! Ria loves to plan parties.


DING!!!!!! The sound of the first bell echoed through the snowy school grounds. I was unprepared for it, lost in my thoughts,  and it made me jump. I ran towards the back door.

The day went by pretty normally, everyone kept telling me they were really going to miss me. I just nodded and answered that I would miss them too. What else could I say? I wasn't used to so much attention.

Finally lunch recess rolled around. It was time for my goodbye party. My classmates surrounded me and we raced for the back of the Big Hill together.

My feet slapped against the icy ground. The cold wind blew past my face. I was used to it.

"Are you that eager to say goodbye?" My friend Thanika called out to me. I glanced back at her. Her long black braid slapped against her back. I decided not to answer. It was too hard.

"Or is it that you're just eager to crash your sled again?" One of my classmates, Spencer, asked. I don't really know what I would call him.

Oh I got it, a frienemy. Spencer is my frienemy.

Anyway, that comment made me stop in my tracks. I took a deep breath to calm my frustration.

Back in grade three, the  class was sledding during recess. Ria and I were on one sled. We were going down pretty fast.

I didn't see the bump in the ice in front of us (I had been in the front). We hit the bump hard and literately flew threw the air.

We crashed into Spencer's sled an the three of us went tumbling down the hill. Snow blew in all directions.

Ria nearly split my eardrums. She was screaming like a maniac.

Well, we flew off a snow ramp and landed in a pile. Spencer landed on the ice, I landed on him and Ria landed on me. After that, things were pretty different between Spencer and me. Everyone believed that he had a crush on me. Ria loves to tease me about it.

I sighed and kept on jogging. By then Thanika had caught up with me. She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"Well?" She grinned at me. I sighed again. I had to keep from getting annoyed.

"One; we're not going sledding. Two; if you really want an answer, no."

The goodbye party did not go well at all. It was a total disaster. Nothing went right. I had a goodbye party the teacher planned to look forward to, though. I'm happy to say that was a success.

At the end of the day, I was loaded with presents and sadness. Ria bent down and gave a tight hug. "See you," She whispered into my ear. I nodded. Spencer walked up to me. "Bye," He said.

His voice was expressionless. "Bye," I murmured. I packed my things and stood up. I walked out of the school. I glanced back one more time.

Then I walked away.

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