Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


3. Harmoniums and Tablas

***Thank you guys so much! I am doing my first co-author with my best friend, and you guys are being so supportive! You know, it was like slooooooow motion, standing there in my party dress, in reeeeeeeeed lipstick, with no one to impress,  looking around the room, but there's one thing missing. And that was the moment  I knew.  Sorry, I'm a big Swiftie, luv u Taylor. 


As it was, I was expecting something bad to happen.

What I did not expect was for it to actually happen.

My friend, Beeva soon moved. But it wasn't somewhere like Toronto where we could visit. It was Texas. In the states. I sighed, my friend Amra wasn't going to be here for Folkfest. 


I knew it was going to be bad. But then, I still had Pushpita, Ahana, and Oishi. Although they were great friends, Folkfest without Amra, Mira, and Beeva? Maybe my friend Camila could come like last year and lighten the mood. I don't know. That summer i also got an iPod, so now I could Skype Mira on the go, or  when I was using my laptop.


I dressed up in a red-and-green-with-gold-trims sari, and my mom put my hair in a ponytail. She put pink blush in my cheeks, chin, and tip of my nose, and red and green eye shadow. Then we drove off. When we got there, at Amra's school, I had to check in as a performer, my dad as a volunteer.

I went backstage, finding Pushpita, Ahana, Oishi and Panama. Pushpita and Panama were in my dance. Pushpita went to dance class, so that wasn't a problem. Panama went too, but, well, she was better at other things. I don't go to dance class, but I was still in dances.

While Rinata was performing, everyone she knew cheered. I rolled my eyes, why didn't they cheer for me, Pushpita, Ahana, or Panama? We made a promise the next day to cheer for each other. When Ahana, Oishi, and Othoi, Oishi's little sister went on, me, Pushpita, and Panama cheered.

When we danced, they cheered, but our shouts were in vain as we were drowned out by the music. Again there was cheering at Rinata's dance. I sighed, partly wishing that I could dance like her. Oh well, I was better at other things.

I pulled back from the curtain and bumped into someone, "Thanika!" I said. I was happy to see her. My eyes twinkled again, as I wasn't that good friends with Oishi, Ahana, or Pushpita, though Oishi was really nice. 

"HI Ria" she greeted. I smiled, but had to stay backstage for quite  a bit. On the last day of Folkfest, I realized that Folkfest was miserable. Thanika was fasting for Ramadan, though my parents didn't let me, as I was dancing. On the other hand, I did meet up with some good people and have good memories.



"Whats this?" I asked. I was in the second, smaller gym of Brunskill School, where the Bangladeshi pavilion was.

"It-it like this" said Sahasro, Pushpita's little brother. He took the odd drum on a handle with a string with two heavy wooden beads at the end. He held it between his two palms and rubbed them. The beads bounced around hitting the drum on either sides.

I smiled, "Can I try?" he handed it over. I spun it a bit, but then messed up. "Here", I said laughing, "Why don't you take care of that" The place was swirling with visitors, while I was looking around in my free time. I was at Pushpita's family's table, Bangladeshi instruments.

"Pushpita, there's another visitor" her dad called. I stood to the side as Pushpita played the harmonium and Sahasro used the tabla. He was quite good for a fiver-or-six-year-old. I smiled as the music lifted away.


That Folkfest, I wasn't completely miserable. Other than that, I had many good times with Oishi, Pushpita, Ahana, and even Raisa showed up! I spent the end of the last night with her, but Eid was the next day, so we left. Eid wasn't too bad either, but I did have better ones. 


Now I've become closer to Pushpita, Ahana, and unfortunately, she moved away too. 

Now I did have more times, and I've got three main stories we four grew together.


But thats another story.

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